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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right thankyou to all who replied I shall retire and go kill more bad guys using the weapons I have The bold twin
  2. No I looked at what you mean by the MP weapons, it must just be on the x-box version. The weapons in the MP are the same execpt one, are the weapons I'm talking about. On the x-box there is a list of fifty things to do to become a general, a number of these things to do is to un-lock additional weapons kits for each specialist like the brizon and the m60, once un-locked these kits can be used in campaign, single player quick missions and co-operative or multi-player missions. I tried doing the same things required on my x-box on my Mac version and it didn't un-lock the weapons, so I was wondering if there is something you can do to un-lock them or if they can only be used in the MP part of the game, thanks anyway. the-bold-twin
  3. if you are playing the x-box version, my advice would be start with a demolition spec, move up the road on the left side of the tanks, use the map to postion your computer controled team up too where the first enemy tank is positioned. When you get to this point which should be before anyone else including the tanks, take out the enemy tank, and the two dummy's. Move up the road take out the guy around the first corner with the RPG, and clear the university defenders, then move the team you are controling back to where the first enemy tank was, the three tanks you are escorting should remain still, because you haven't advanced. Then take out the defenders and the two tanks at the second objective, at this point the tanks you are escorting should start moving, by the time you have cleared the second objective they will be arriving. or you could just save it as you go along and you'll eventually do it
  4. I have ghost recon and the ds on my mac and I have ghost recon on my xbox, I have tried doing the things it tells me to do on my xbox, to unlock the extra weapons for the speacialists on my mac version and they do not work, does anyone know where I can find out what i have to do on my mac to get the extra weapons or if they are not available on the mac version cheers
  5. I was annoyed for weeks about not being able to find the desert maps until I realised or at least I think the desert maps are only supported by on line play, so they are there on the game, but only available when you play the x box version on x box live. But that's only what I think, or maybe tell myself because the truth would hurt to much. the-bold-twin
  6. I have two questions concerning desert siege for Mac, 1, when I play the mission where the special objective is to secure an inteligence item in order to un lock a specialist I do the mission in record time and do all the other objectives, I get to the place on the map the inteleigence item is suppose to be but nothing happens, I even kill all enemy which usually automaticly completes all objectives. But I either end the mission without completeing the special objective, or I wait around and get the message the inteleigence item has escaped. Does anyone know what I have to do to secure this inteleigence item. Question 2, I am aware from other posts that there are only four specialists on DS but a post tells of a way to un lock all the specialists is this able to be done on mac too? Thankyou for your time the bold twin
  7. Mine has to be the SAW 200 rounds of gut peicing sexiness all in one magazine, however I preferre the folding stock Marine commando's version it has a shortened barrel too, I wonder if that will ever find it's way onto the game (hint hint)
  8. to unlock defend for each maps involves having to complete a specialised game on each map, for example having to complete a map with all team members serviving and maintaining a 60% hit percentage, if even one soldier is under this percentage you will fail so my advice is to not use a full team, the lesser the amount of soldiers that need to get 60 % the easier it is. You can view what these specialised missions are by clicking on dossiar on the main title page and then clicking view Dossiar and there should be a list of 50 tasks you need to complete before you can become general Martin
  9. 47 m07 has to be completed on recon not fire fight, on elite with only one soldier using the m16/203 which doesn't mean you can use buzz Gordan and 50 M13 on fire fight and on elite, you have to not loose a soldier but you have to use a full team, all six soldiers have to be used and servive. Other then that i don't know it worked for me. Martin
  10. I have Ghost recon on my x-box which I play riligiously however I've just bought a Mac powerbook and would like to ask any of you if you know where I can get a Mac version, of Ghost recon, and the extra additions like Island thunder (if avaible yet), Desert seige and Raven shield. Because i can't seem to get my hands on any of them. So unless Ubi soft want me to don my night vision goggles and stalk them whilst they sleep i better get my Mac versions pretty soon if anyone knows where I can get them please let me know thankyou
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