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  1. How do I install mods in GRAW2 ? My rig is Win 10, I've not got any Mods folder showing in my GRAW folder on C:\ . initially.after install. So I have tried using JGSME which works on other games and creates a Mod folder, in the Main GRAW folder. Then one puts unzipped folders into the mods folder after which one has to open the Desktop shortcut to JGSME This is where the mod shows in a Left panel, usually moving it over to the right panel activates the mod I thought this would work. It hasn't. Itried putting it in the 'Local' folder , no good,
  2. Having been abroad for a long time I have forgotten how I add a mod into the game. Help please! gavain
  3. C:\Users\{Your account name}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\profiles\graw_profile_don lestrange\ 'And There IT WAS' Thank You! it appears that only the 2nd of these two lines need changing and save, of course. <campaign_last_event value="7361766567616d65" /> <campaign_progress value="21090307140200 Which I have done! So I'll see what happens "I DO NOT REALLY LIKE VISTA" but It's a Laptop . My good machine is in the UK . A very uptodate Desktop
  4. \*\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\profiles\graw_profile_don lestrange" This does not exist except inside the folder : 'defaults.xml' I have tried to open it with notepad but it doesn't open
  5. This what I finally found inside "defaults" XML doc' I cannot open the any of these lines of text at all?with my XML editor or in any other way! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <ghost_recon_defaults> <profile active="/settings/profiles/graw_profile_don lestrange" /> <server active="/settings/servers/graw_server_1.xml" /> </ghost_recon_defaults>
  6. How do I get across the big square(round area) into the Embassy in 'VIP 2 is Down' Every way I tr to go I'm told I'm leaving the 'War' get back in the game' I have looked every where I mcan think of to see if there is a known solution to this but haven't found one gavain2
  7. Where do i find my 'profile.xml folder? I was trying to open all missions! but cannot see a folder called 'profile' gavain2
  8. To all Who answered my query. Wow!! Such a lot and all of it very positive, Thanks to all of you who bothered to reply. I have queried Rocky as to his having a stock I can purchase when I'm back in Manchester UK. I hope so, It will give me something to look forward back home here in Germany gavain2
  9. Well, That is a superb reply and tells me everything I wanted to know. Extremely well constructed answer! thank you. Are there any AI enemies in the Co-op missons? ! This is one thing I'm not sure about! I don't always have an option to be online so I would be playing them solo! I shall buy 'Ghost Recon' Gold while back in the UK for Christmas gavain2
  10. Would I find many differences between Ghost recon and GR:AW(1) I am thinking of buying this when back in UK . The Gold edition! Thanks for any info gavain2
  11. Pave Low! thanks for the info, I had looked but not in the right place. Read it and back into the game, All now ok. At least when I kill the tank it will be. gavain2
  12. Thanks for that. I did mean 'Ghost Recon' As I have GR:AW. I shall be back in UK for Christmas 15th DEC' maybe I can order the set from Amazon. gavain2
  13. Relative to my earlier query, Where can I buy the 'Ghost Recon' + the 3 addons being as I live in the UK & Germany(mostly in Germany) Thanks ffor any help with this! gavain2 [Admin Edit: Thread moved to the GR forum - Please try to post in the correct forum]
  14. So , I'm on the roof , the chopper is there,all my squad is there! I press 'X' to rearm/load! No Rocket Launcher!!! I have installed 'Brettzies Weapon pack 5.0' Everything he says should be there in the folder is, So what next? All I can do is rearm my squad. But I can't kill the tank, Went back, to restart mision, still no launcher, Took out 'Brettzies Weapon pack 5.0' the way he recommends, And still no launcher! Am I going to have to start all over again minus The mod? Any suggestions please!
  15. Thanks for that. At last, someone tells me which is what here! I have been mightily puzzled, so now I know where to go! I am puzzled as to why there aren't any 'scenario' mods for GR:AW single player. Pity!! gavain2
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