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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It does crash, but I was just interested in sp anyway.
  2. The readme file tells you how to change enemy forces, but not how to change the standard yotm skins into arvn skins. If this is possible please let me know.
  3. The missions work for sp, but the skins for arvn do not show up. Still, it is good to have some more yotm friendly maps.
  4. Can the ARVN mod be played in SP or is it only multiplayer? Thanks, Scrumpy
  5. Hi Teppe, I played stealth v1_4 in sp mode and found the following problems: In the platoon set up the omon sniper was not holding a weapon, nor was any listed. I only had control of the first character in my alpha team, I could not control any the other 5 characters. The map crashed after 3 minutes of play. Why are WOI russian skins mixed in with modern russian skins?
  6. Looking forward to Rilly Fletcher's WOI missions, hope they're still in the works!
  7. Even with the many bugs, WOI is still my favorite mod along with YOTM. I hope this project works out. Maybe you could use some of the rare maps and tweak the weapons some (if that's possible).
  8. I've been playing sp since 2004 and what always bring me back are mods like War of Infamy, Year of the Monkey, Icebreaker etc. My favorite maps tend to be ones that are compatible with these mods. Since I just play sp, any kind of Bot Hunt is cool.
  9. I'm sure your cold war mod is cool too. I've still got your great patriotic war mod to play and I've really enjoyed barbarossa, wacht am rhein and screaming eagles!
  10. Looking forward to it...Is the other mod your working a WWII mod also?
  11. Thanks for all your WWII mods and keeping WOI going. I look forward to this mission pack!
  12. Thanks...That was a big help! Now to play the missions...
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