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  1. I hate to say it, but if you want to really enjoy Double Agent you have to play the XBox version which had a different development team than the PC and X360 versions. I made the mistake of 1st trying if for PC then X360 before I finally got to the Xbox version. Even the story in the Xbox version is a bit different than the others and better IMO. It also plays perfectly and looks very good on the 360 - complete with widescreen support. I'm actually replaying it now, and even though I recently played GRAW PC and R6 Vegas 360, I'm still impressed with its visual quality. The Xbox version also has a killer split-screen co-op mode, which has you doing some crazy stuff like back -to- back climbing up shafts, assisting the other player by flipping them across chasms, etc.
  2. Something to be aware of about the Steam version of GR, is that it's only compatible with the steam versions of the Desert Siege and Island Thunder expansions. Not a problem if you're planning on getting them all through Steam, just don't expect a boxed copy of DS or IT, or a copy from another Internet retailer, to work.
  3. Yup...that's a good point, and one of the differences between his specs and others that have been posted here. I'd personally never go without a dedicated Sound Card. I'm amazed at how many posts I've read on various forums however, where people claim onboard sound chips are less CPU intensive. As far as I'm concerned 90% of the performance is in the quality of the drivers, and I don't see the incentive for manufacturers of 1-size-fits-all onboard chips to really optimize. Not that Creative Labs and Turtle Beach haven't occassionally come up with some real duds in the driver department.
  4. I realize this thread hasn't been visited for almost a week, but Ojo's performance problem is perplexing to me. I'm averaging about 60 fps on a PC with this wimpy spec: AMD x64 3200 1 GB PC3200 RAM Geforce 7600 SB Audigy II I'm also running with everything maxed in game and with my Vid card settings set to max for visual quality. The only compromise I've had to make was to set Anti Aliasing from 8s to 4x, and that was only only because performance dipped to about 35fps a few times in Island Thunder and some of the community mods. Of course one difference big difference for me is that I'm still running WinXP w/SP3 and at a rez of 1280 x 720. I'm not that familiar with the FX-55 CPU, but if it's dual or quad core, something I've read in a number of forums is that dual and quads sometimes have problems scaling older Windows games. There's a utility called IMAGECFG that allows you to set affinity for any EXE to only 1 processor. I know it works with Vista, but I'm not sure if it works on Windows 7, but It might be worth giving it a try to see if it helps. It's available from a lot of sites on the web, just google for it.
  5. I think I'll jump right in with CO then and see how quickly I sink or swim. Glad to see my thread started some good discussion. Sad to say, I missed the whole online co-op and mplay craze for GR, although I did play it at a few LAN gatherings back in the day. I agree they don't make them like they used to when it comes to FPS's like GR. I think the answer why they don't make many FPS with gameplay like GR, is because many are co-developed for the 360 and PS3. Unfortunately more strategic gameplay doesn't really fly on consoles, and open modding doesn't jive with Microsoft's or Sony's 'pay-for-it' approach to extra content. Not that it would matter too much for me; I haven't upgraded my PC in 3-1/2 years, and there isn't many new games that will run on it. Heck I can't even run GRAW with any mods activated.
  6. Many thanks for the replies Wombat and Hammer. I didn't realize it was that easy to turn total conversion mods on and off. Since I'm a Canuck, I want to play the CO campaign more than the others, but it was years ago that I did the original campaign and I don't want to bite off too much at the start. Just wondering if either of you know how the CO campaign compares to DS and IT in terms of difficulty?
  7. I'm new to the gold version of GR, so I have a n00b question: do the total conversion mods also change the soldiers, weapons, vehicle, etc. in the original, Desert Siege and Island Thunder campaigns? I ask, because I just bought Desert Siege and Island Thunder last night and reinstalled GR. I also installed the Canadian Operatives 2.0a total conversion mod and I only had time to do a few of the CO2 quick missions; very impressive! Since I've never played DS or IT, I would like to eventually work through them in their original default state. So my other question is; to get DS and IT back to their original state, do I have to uninstall CO2a , or do I simply just deactivate it from 'Options' > 'Mods' ?
  8. Well it's a little more complicated than that for me. Because I connect to my HDTV via DVI -to- HDMI conversion, no setting on my Sony HDTV has any effect on how my PC displays. As well, since my HDTV is a bit older and doesn't display 1080p (1920 x 1080) or support any native PC resolutions, I can only display WinXP at 720p (1280 x 720). So I'm outputting a typical 16:9 widescreen rez, whereas the 1650 x 1024 you list above is a typical 16:10 widescreen rez. I used to have an additional 4:3 19" LCD connected to my gaming rig, and what I noticed previously with Ghost Recon is that the top -to- bottom area of the screen was reduced when outputted at a 16:9 rez. The effect I'm talking about is documented at widescreengamingforum.com at this link: Ghost Recon Widescreen What I was wondering, is if the Desert Siege or Island Thunder expansions fixed the vertical areal loss when using widescreen resolutions? It's not so urgent now as I'm went ahead and bought the DS and IT expansions anyways, since I really want to try some of the total replacement mods.
  9. Hello all, 1st time posting here. I've just completed GRAW and GRAW2 and I'm itching for some legacy GR play. I just rediscovered my GR original CD-ROM in my storage room and I'm thinking of reinstalling. I remember reinstalling GR a few years back on my older PC and finding, much to my surprise, it would allow me to select a widescreen rez. That's important on my current gaming rig, because its only connected to my older gen HDTV. I also remember that the viewable area had slight vertical shrinking when it ran widescreen. I only had the original GR at the time, but I'm thinking of getting Desert Siege and Island Thunder so that I can run any of the mods. My question is: Do the DS or IT expansions correct the vertical shrinking, or is it just the same as it was with the original version with patch v.1.4?
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