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  1. Going over Windows needs + 2GB won't net you anything, Ghost Recon is a 32bit application and as such can only address 2GB RAM anyway
  2. I don't, I'm using onboard sound with the 'Realtek Xfi' drivers. Basically hacked drivers to enable all the software sound enhancements of the Creative Xfi which now get done on the CPU, so if sound kills performance I definitely have my suspect. Oh well, I can live without the shadows, the game is so immersing you don't notice anyway Thanks again for the welcome
  3. I've just spent the last half hour browsing the forum archives and it seems hundreds of people get rubbish performance with shadows enabled, the engine just can't handle it. I've also compared framerates with the toggleframerate command and FRAPS and the difference is next to nothing? It's well within the margine of error. Anyway, special thanks to wombat for suggesting I turn shadows off And thanks to you, hammer, for your suggestions
  4. I used to play it perfectly back on my TNT 2, and my the shadows are taking my performance as low as 1/400th normal frame rate. If it were half I could live with it but it's down from 400 to as low as 1. FRAPS works fine with Oblivion which I'm sure uses ten times as much RAM as Ghost Recon, so I'm not convinced the problem lies there either. Besides, with it running and shadows off I'm still hitting 400fps at times.
  5. I thought I'd outgrown gaming, the last game to keep my attention for more than a few minutes was Half Life 2. I fired up Ghost Recon for the first time in about half a decade and boom, three hours have flown by Thanks for the welcome
  6. I seem to have a habit of making mistakes whenever I post from my phone, this is the Ghost Recon, not the new 'rubbish'
  7. I've just tried XP compatibility mode, same thing. Level 5 nets me between 1fps and 6fps, monitored with FRAPS. If I turn all shadows off I get several HUNDRED frames per second, it doesn't take anything away from gameplay but seriously, shadows don't hurt that much... I see you ninja edited, according to Task Manager I have over a gig free, and I have no problem with other (newer) games such as Oblivion, Fall Out 3, etc. I have another rig which I can try this on, Phenom 2 @ 4.7ghz, 4gigs DDR3, 5870 1GB but this machine is way over powered for the game as it stands. I remember playing it on a Celeron 1GHz with 192MB RAM and a TNT 2 graphics card...
  8. Funny you should say that, Stone Bell is the level that made the game for me. The easiest way is to have three assault units in Alpha, a support and demo in Bravo and a sniper in Charlie. Leave Charlie at the NATO camp facing south-south west (if I remember correctly) for the majority of the game as Alpha and Bravo take out the two patrols and meet up back at the NATO camp. Keep Charlie where he is, as several soldiers will try to flank you and send your demo man alone to just within range of the tanks. Take them out quickly and slowly send Alpha and Bravo plowing through the enemy. Great fun
  9. Hey guys, I found this forum completely by accident Today I installed Ghost Recon for the first time in YEARS, and my performance is dismal to say the least. I set all detail settings to maximum and the resolution to 1024x768 and it stutters like crazy. At times my framerate is as low as 3fps. Zooming in with the sniper rifle affects it most, as well as urban areas (level 6 I think, I can't play it because it's jerking so badly). My computer more than meets the requirements: Athlon FX-55 @ 3.05GHz 1.5GB RAM @ 236MHz 1.5-2-2-5 Radeon 4670 @ 820/1180 Windows 7 64bit Please help, this is the best game ever written, back when gameplay was more important than graphics!
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