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  1. me and some mates today took the objectives counterclockwise with the intel as the last one, and the extract gate did not activate. Maybe just server error, hard to tell. No error message, objective just did not activate.
  2. IMO prefer the first one, will these be available for future missions, or how does it work?
  3. Well, it was actually the gaming deluxe dedicated server, and Trueled stayed in the game for some time, but I was unable to enter. It messaged something about switch 5CI or something, and then connection timed out. I only saw this kind of thing before, when entering with too high ping. But I think the server was in a state of being overworked for some reason, since also I was lagging a lot before I crashed. Or simply the connection had a bad day.
  4. How about the map from Annibales "Pigs vilage" ? I know, this mission was never going public, but you can find it here http://rapidlibrary.com/files/annibale19-closecombat-adv-rar_ulzztwczvbi89on.html go a little down in the page. I think this map looks a lot like what you are describing. Annibale, as far as I know, stopped his activity in graw2.
  5. I can only say, when I saw that underground bunker I went Woooooowwwww ..... and the nice environment in the headquarter down there. John, you are simply spoiling us .... That much said, I also had the crash in the bunker when playing with Trueled, and could not get back into the server. Playing alone afterwards, I managed to finish the mission alright.
  6. yep, this sounds like a very interesting project ... maps with a different feel ....
  7. funny crash in the beginning, when I open the first port and before I leave the building, there is a crash. This was not repeatable.
  8. I did work on this for quite some time, as a way to challenge myself. I especially worked on it in the map Operation Zetas. I learned a few points, which I think are pretty general of nature. 1) As much as possible, do not get into close combat. Stay out of harms way. Snipe the AI from long distance. 2) Learn where are the switches that will spawn enemies. When you have activated a switch, go back into a secure place and wait. The enemy must spawn, and calm down. 3) When sniping, shoot the loners that are not close to the group. And shoot those that are closest to you. AI will be alarmed if even a gunshot comes close to them. 4) And a funny point: if you play with limited respawns, giving yourself an admin kill will increase your number of deaths (even if not shown on the final count). So not a cool way of healing yourself of inflicted wounds. I guess there is still much to learn. But in the end it comes down to knowing a mission inside out. Knowing where are the snipers, and how to do with those difficult ones. And then ... take your time. Move slow and considerate.
  9. I played the map today, and just 2 issues (if you can call them that) 1. In the data center, you can not X one of the computers because there is a weapon (press X to pick up weaopn) I solved that by dragging the weapon away. 2. In the extract area, I have a major crash when I zeus the tank from the top of a building. My screen simply freeze with a very nice explosion all across. And I have to reboot computer. Maybe the explosion is too resource heavy for my video card. p.s. I am now TAW_pdanoe, maybe someone will do me a favor and change my nickname in here.
  10. Hi Spik@, yes, it sounds like an interesting idea. Definitely I would believe, that the decision is hidden in some xml somewhere. To say it like that, I have the belief that interesting new coops could be made in maps like Calavera and Timber, if we could change the collision. Another idea that intrigues me, is the possibility of merging 2 maps, e.g. to connect some tunnels. But looking at the XML in the world.xml, I believe I could already have the answer to that one. Thanks for your time.
  11. There is a minor difference in "the long run" map and all other maps, that you can have foothold on the surrounding mountain area. Since maps created in 3Dstudio or whatever are stored in XML, maybe someone has discovered the switch that turns an area from solid to permissive. Hope that someone could help me on this one.
  12. How to remove the chemical tanks in the second last objective? Very often, noone can C4 these.
  13. Servers running v1 and I have downloaded v1c .... how to cope with this? I can not get into the servers.
  14. If someone is interested in a partner, I am ready. Cannot be online every day, but we can fix it. Register on www.fsnclan.net, and send me a pm ... will be the easiest way.
  15. May I suggest a possible variation on this map. As I stated in the release topic, it creates a special atmosphere to sneak around while dodging the helicopter attacks. So maybe a map where you dont have M99, and have to finish some objectives to get the helicopter taken down. I dont know if you would find such an idea really interesting, but a city map like this would be very suitable for such a mission, because there are many helicopter shelters everywhere. Anyway, enjoyed the mission ... keep it coming
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