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  1. Same with my download. Could be due to the huge file size.
  2. Someone had to put Viper out of his misery, may as well be me.
  3. Use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to setup your ISO on a USB flash drive. Major benefit is a faster Windows 7 install. Win7 USB Download Tool
  4. Had a chance to test this today as lonewolf. Played start to finish on my dedi server without any crashes. Nice map/mission with well placed snipers. The only bug I found so far was the first Havoc hitting the hydro tower on one of it's sweeps. While it was dealing with power lines I finished it off with the M99. Otherwise, great job.
  5. I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but where Bogie said "use the arrows", he was referring to the green arrows at the top right of the screen on either side of the listed "Campaign". Example is circled in the picture below. The default Campaign is "graw2". Clicking either arrow with your mouse allows you to scroll through each of the campaigns placed in your "custom_levels" folder. Hope this helps.
  6. Digger, how does something like this sound for the mission sitrep, Hope this helps Nex
  7. Digger if possible, could you provide a short sitrep for the mission and it's objectives. How many enemy AI did you use for the map? Great job on your first mission map. Keep 'em coming.
  8. Hi Digger, I tested the map lonewolf and with regular weapon settings this evening on a separate dedicated server. I didn't find any major bugs. I had to logoff after I finished defending the warehouse area and before heading to the LZ. No crashes occurred and the FPS averaged 25 for me. Couple of things I noted, - I recommend placing fences around the ADAT's to protect them from distant shot RPG's. The fences would require players to place C4 to take out ADAT's. - Place a couple of extra guards around each ADAT with MP5SD's and G18's, and maybe a sniper strategically hidden nearby or overseeing the ADAT's for added protection. - Don't know if it's a big thing, but I found the tank could not accurately shoot me with the mounted machine gun. I easily crawled up to it in the open and placed C4. As for the question about teleportation, I don't think you need it. It's not too far to walk or run to each objective after respawning plus you have a nice gauntlet of soldiers and snipers between the objectives to make things challenging. I'd like to play it some more with others for further input, but everyone must be busy or tired to beta test. I had an excellent time playing the map. It's a great job for your first run at modding.
  9. Hey Digger, congrats on the mission modding. The AGB gang will give this one a beta test run and let you know about bugs if any are found.
  10. We tested Zetas the other night to verify the new fixes and found everything is working as it should. 1. The Hemitt and Howitzer are now solid objects and can not be shot through, and all the players can place C4. 2. Minimap is now showing proper locations. 3. Players no longer spawn on top of the fence near first stadium. 4. The tank near ADAT D and Howitzer no longer flips onto it's side. I did find a couple of buildings near the initial spawn area, down the road heading east that are missing textures and displaying black. Besides this, solid map
  11. The Havoc can be shot down, you just need patience and a steady aim. We found the best weapon to shoot down the Havoc other than a Zeus, is the Sniper M99. Wait for the helo to steady, and while facing you, shoot the pilots windscreen. It takes about 2 or 3 shots, but eventually the havoc will explode. The suicide message is displayed when you are killed by the Havoc's missles.
  12. Actually, of the four of us playing, only myself and Viper, were able to place C4 on the Hemitt and Howitzer. The other two tried all around the objectives and could not place C4. I hope this helped. Otherwise with this and the tank issue, the map played well and is excellent!
  13. I didn't experience any of the issues that porterslug had, but this may have been due to running the dedicated server on a separate machine. Played lonewolf for 1-1/2 hrs, racked up around 200+ kills before the "boss" called me away. Average fps of 60, dropped to approx 30 when emp-ing, and naturally when hitting trigger points. Great map so far and understandably a hard one for lonewolfers. (Damn snipers, lol ) I'm looking forward to further testing and finishing the map with my team mates.
  14. Thanks for the welcome everyone, and thanks Rocky for the Beta Tester badge.
  15. Thought I would say a quick hello to everyone here. I'm one of the [AGB] guys that helps with the Beta Testing along with Viper714, and Bogie. Hope to see you guys on the Barking Spider server. Nexus6
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