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  1. John, I was a little lost until you posted the revised instructions as I did not have any weapons mods installed. After that though I had no problems. Another of my group installed it fine as well. As soon as the guy that has a dedicated server is online I will have him try it as well. Puck
  2. Hey John, We played this map a couple of times but have not finished it all yet. We had the issue with the letters blocking our path on several of the floors. Always managed to get by eventually but it was frustrating. Was there more than one new door that we were supposed to put C4 on? We just found one, but have not completed the last two objectives. The AI in this map were very agressive, chased us down at times, especially coming down stairs when we were looking the other way. Great map as usual, look forward to the next. Puck
  3. John, Thanks for another mission. We played it last night on a dedicated server with three people, regular weapons. We noticed the same things that have already been mentioend. Loved the new buildings and the additional details such as the breakable glass and furnishings inside some buildings. I our opinion we would like to see more AI in the later versions. Maybe random small patrols in areas. We did try to walk through the lasers and it went boom. One thing I did not see mentioned by anyone else, in you screenshot the laser bars are red but in game for us they were white. Can't wait for your next effort. TGZ Puck
  4. John, Myself and two others from my group played this map last night. Enjoyed it a lot and did not see any real technical issues. We loved the new buildings and that some were placed back to back allowing you to see and shoot into the other rooms. At the very end the extraction helicopter comes in way before it is clear. The last group that spawned in were right under the copter. We felt it should come in after the area is clear. We will play it through again, better to notice issues after several passes. Thanks again John for your work. TGZ Puck
  5. First of all thanks for taking on the chore of creating new maps. Me and my gang are purely players and we are a bored lot without the likes of you and John TC02. I played the game last night with two others on a dedicated server. Some issues with drawing the textures for the grass, it would always draw about ten feet in front of my character as I moved. I agree on the initial spawn area. Snipers are bad enough but to have a 50 cal pointed directly at the spawn point? The layout was a bit crowded and maze like. We often joked that we were keeping an eye out for the cheese. The AI were pretty awsome with the way they moved around a lot. At times they would jump on a 50 cal, jump off and then back on again. Kept us on our toes. We ran into a couple of problems. First when a helicopter is shot down, if it's wrekage falls in the wrong place it is impossible to pass through the wrekage. Is it possible to make it bvanish after some time? Have seen this problem on other maps as well. Also, the problem that was a mission ender for two of our players. Me and another player crashed during play and when we rejoined the two black doors that were opened before were now back as closed and would not allow us to pass through. We pretty much just ran around on top of the buildings and shot at each other while our third player finished the game. We definately enjoyed the map and will play it more. Please keep the maps coming! TGZ Puck
  6. John, I played this map last night with two others on a dedicated server. Great map, a change of the same ol' scenery was refreshing. We played with Large Map and Hard Mode selected. Noted that most of the AI were either unresponsive or slow to respond when approached. Killed several within 10 feet or so when they should have had the drop on us. It did improve after the first couple objectives. Also, noted that the Havoc moved very slow across the sky. Thanks for the great map and please keep producing original ones. TGZ Puck
  7. You rock John! I will see who I can gather to give it a run tonight TGZ Puck
  8. John, Played Salazar last night with 3 other people and it was a great map. Only one problem to note. At the top of the parking garage there was an objective titled "Narcotics". It was exactly where the vehicle was sitting but no option to plant C4 when approached. So we did what any reasonable soldier would do. We blew the vehicle into the air. The narcotics objective tag was still there. We skipped it and went back down. There was another Narcotics on the lower level with it's own seperate objective tag. When we blew it the one up top disappeared also. Thanks for the map.... TGZ Puck
  9. John, Gunrunner was a great map. We enjoyed it. No technical problems noted, except when we first played it would take about 10 seconds for an AI to die after shooting them. They would still kill me however. The person hosting the game did not see this so it may have just been lag. My ping to his server was under 100 though. When we switched and I hosted it went away. We really liked the vehicles that came driving in, more of them is always welcomed. I never saw any of the ammo boxes, but will keep an eye out for them next play through. We will be playing the new one, hopefully tonight. Thanks for the maps! TGZ Puck
  10. John, Thanks for another campaign! One of my group is on vacation right now but as soon as I can get everyone together again we will give it a play. TGZ Puck
  11. John, Map played smoothly. Only problem was when we went to extract, the chopper would not land for all of us. One person saw it as on the ground the other two saw it as up in the air and doing somersaults. after walking up to the extract point a few times we were able to get in back down and everyone onboard. Other than that it looks good to go. TGZ Puck
  12. John, played this one last night with two friends.The only problem that we noted was that in the Depot Objective the AI would just stand around and not respond. I could just walk right up to them and shoot them. Everywhere else they responded as expected. We liked the addition of the three floor parking garage. Shoot outs among the parked cars were fun. Good map and thanks for the hard work in keeping us supplied with maps to play. TGZ-Puck
  13. Played this map tonight with a couple friends and encountered no problems. Each objective went off without a hitch. Anxious to play it again with AI in it. Will keep an eye out for the update. Puck
  14. bob, We loved the look of this map, great alleyways, buildings and streets. Everyone agreed that it needed more enemy to be added. Also, more snipers or gunners on the balconies and rooftops.The helicopters were very tough to take out because of the buildings, but we enjoyed the challenge. Very small window of opportunity before he sank behind another rooftop. Only technical problem noted was that the game crashed at the same point both times we played it. We had just entered the Palace and just after the helicopters passed overhead the game would crash with the below error. Not sure how much of the map was left beyond this point, hopefully more objectives? We will try it again tonight to see if the crash happens again, if so we will await the next release and test it again. Thanks for your work, good map! Puck Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\blackhawk.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit in type <void> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\types\vehicles\helicopter.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\vehicles\helicopter.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : normal
  15. We ran this map a couple nights ago, with three people in a dedicated server and loved it. The landscape was totally new to us and loved the snipers. Only problem that I noted was that in the very begining you had two fifty-cals above the tunnel exit. They did not respond to our presence at all. I was way out from under then and just happen to look back. They would have nailed us all for sure. A few other AI at random places did not seem to respond either but not too many. Thanks for anothe great map! TGZ-Puck
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