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  1. Re: modding, I think Team Fortress 2's current "Mannconomy" setup proves that, if set up correctly, user created content and microtransactions can not only exist simultaneously, but actually promote one another. The modding community gets incentives for producing quality mods, non-modding users get new content on a regular basis, and ubi extends the life of the game without having to put nearly as much investment in 'official' new content. Everyone wins. Anyway, I'm very learly based on the trailers I've seen, but the fact that Kimi and Giga are on this site gathering feedback is a positive
  2. bump. probably no one cares at this point, but as someone who follows elite running... it's not as simple as everyone is saying; you can't just say "I'm an elite, I want to be in that race." I'm surprised the officials said anything to the contrary in that article, since in almost every major race the elite division is by invitation only. Generally, the public is disbarred from it, because to professional competitors, amateurs tend to be nothing but a potential source of danger, as accidents happen, and because amateurs (I'm talking ones who couldn't compete, but think they can, here) have
  3. I'll sign this petition. I want a new tactical shooter that is realistic. For the record, I haven't bought any GR game since the first. I won't unless I hear glowing reviews from the community. Oh, and hi...I'm new here. Never made it over here, went to thePlatoon instead, and never really left there. Poor site is on a feeding tube now. Anyone here an old member from there who remembers me?
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