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  1. Rick and Rahn,

    I got the checkpoint messages fixed, now working on other little issues like trying to get all the billboards showing.

    Took care of the drop point waypoint turning off after the tank is taken out.

    Cut the extraction time down.

    May add some more AI, we'll see :whistle:

    This is just about ready.


  2. Rahn,

    The 2nd respawn message should have trigger before you get to the Presidens last location, when you take out all the AI on the Panhard at the square. Then you should see the 3rd respawn indicator at he Pesidents Last location.

    I will check on this, I had added the messages when v2_2 had a loading problem, so I went back to 2_1 to make the change.

    The drop point location indicator should clear when the tank is taken out, it is just a marker for the zuse at the top for stock weapon players, not necessary to clear for the mission to end.

    I will cut the ending time down some.

    It is hard for me to play this thing all the way through each time I change something, it usually takes me about 85 min to play all the way thru as I get killed about 15 times. :zorro:

    I will try some more. :wall:


  3. Rico,

    There are 10 AI at the very first encounter. Two of them are in the rear alley way by the park area. Two are at the end of the building towards the Palace. The other six are in the area by the first panhard. When these are removed the 1st respawn spot is activated.

    The second respawn spot is activated when all of the panhard crew and passengers in the square are eliminated. It is behind the church on the way to the presidents last position.

    The third respawn is at the presidents last location.

    The fourth respawn area is triggered when you kill any of the AI at the supply vehicle on the way to the gassation. (if you do not get this one, you will fall back to the presidends last position.)

    The fifth respawn area is triggered when you blow the tanker.

    The sixth respawn area is on top of the parking garage triggered when you get to the panhard with the VIP in it on lower level of garage.

    The version v2_3 corrects the loading problem!


  4. I have updated the release to v2_2.

    The respawn areas are indicated when you trigger them. The havoc is working properly and all respawn areas work as intended.

    I have added 2 more Zuses. 1 at the 1st respawn area and the second one is in front of the Palace by the taxi.

    This should take care of every thing noted with the exception on Rick's error with the broken presidential limo.

    I have no clue as to why that is happening just for him. :wall:


  5. Rico,

    I do not know why you are the only one getting that error message. :wall:

    The Zeus at the drop point is for use on the tank for people playing with the stock weapons.

    The Havoc is triggered after you cross the plaza towards the Presidents last location.

    Looking at the code for the havoc, you had to have killed all 10 of the first group of AI to set the first respawn point and to start the trigger for the Havoc Will change this for the next release.

    I am not sure where the 398 M spawn point that you are talking about is located. Can you give me an idea of the area. I removed one spawn point that was that distance completely from the game!

    Did you ever see a message that said to "Stay Alert!"? That is a indicator to trigger a spawn point near that area on the way to the gasstation. If you never got that one then you would respawn all the back on the other side of the square


    There also is a respawn point at the gasstation when you destroy the tanker.

    The next respawn point is on the 1st level of the car park where the VIP's Panhard was located.

    It is possible that the lower level spawn point at the car park protudes to the roof!


  6. Rico686 and RickDekkard,

    I have modified the respawn spots and added some more AI, plus rearranged some of the other AI, it should be somewhat more difficult now.

    OH by the way I added a Havoc to make it more interesting. :rolleyes:

    coop_mexbob_Coup_d_etat_v2_1 see download at first entry of this string.


  7. Check in your description.xml file and make the change there from "night" to "day".

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <menu name="mission02" mode="Domination" />

    <level_desc value="" />


    <set value="historical"/>

    <set_graffiti value="0"/>

    <backdrop_cube value="atlas_mission_spec_editor/backdrop_cube_d"/>

    <mission_time value="day"/>

    <cube value="atlas_mission_specific/mission02_specific/cube"/>



    <export_name value="mission02"/>

    <gametype value="Domination"/>

    <lightmaps value="true"/>

    <ai_graph value="true"/>

    <lightmap_resolution value="medium"/>

    <lightmap_num_passes value="3"/>




    Are you setting the time in minutes or seconds?


  8. Rico686,

    Thanks for the comments.

    There is the original number of AI plus I have added some. They are at almost every street. Still working on it. :rocky:

    I know which spawn you are talking about with the roof, I will move it over a bit.

    I have never gotten the broken_presidential_limosine message and no one else has mentioned it. :wall:

    I will double check the spawn areas t make sure they are working right. You should have respawned at the location of the VIP's panhard at the "car Park" waypoint.

    I have played both with Rahn's 4.01 mod and the standard game with no problems.

    If I add a havoc, then I will have to place some Zuse's around for the standard players! Not everyone is that good with a sniper rifle. :whistle:

    I have changed the trigers around from the original mission because the original ones were not compatable with GRAW2.


  9. If running a 64 bit sytem the path is;

    C:\Users\My_Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels

    if running a 32 bit system the path is:

    C:\Users\My_Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels

    And you need to move your custom bundles there.

    his is also where you would put the missions that you are creating.

    Or you can try:

    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels

    If you do not have a custom_levels here then create it.

  10. John and RickDekkard,

    I noticed that the trees look right using Rahnman's mod, but look purple using the original game! Do not know why that is.

    I also had to remove the palm trees because they did not render correctly, replaced those with trees.

    The flowerbed_trees_02 and 01 are the ones that are purple.

    I have changed them to flowerbed_tree_03 for the next version

    As far as the gasstation, it completely destroys on my computer using the lan server., Do not know how to fix that either. :wall:

    (I stand corrected the original station and the destroyed station are both present on my computer, I just never noticed before. :blink: )

    I tried removing the original gasstation but the only thing that happened was the destroyed station was removed and also the fuel tanker!

    I tried the c4 on tanker but did not trigger the explotion that destroyes the tanker and station. Also tried a GL but with same results, a granade is the only thing that works. At one time I was able to destroy it with a gun shot, but that no longer works? :wall:

    Do not know how to get correct textures on the fuel tanker.

    I have not added any AI at the extraction yet, the orginal extraction was by blakhawk from the parking garage upper level. There was also a blackhawk supply drop on the upper level which I had to remove, plus a rope drop insertion at the begining. Some things from original GRAW 1 just do not compute in GRAW 2.

    New AI added at extraction

    I have spent almost 4 months on just this one mission trying to get everything to work.


  11. Here is my latest conversion of a GRAW 1 mission. This is Mission # 2 'Coup_d_etat".

    You are to locate the VIP and protect his extraction.

    Hint: you will need to use a granade to destroy the fuel tanker at the gassstation. :whistle:

    File size is 131MB

    File Name for server is; coop_mexbob_Coup_d_etat_v3

    Loading problem resolved! :thumbsup:

    It will take aprox. 3+ min. to load. :angry:




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