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  1. What map did you have in mind?
  2. The black and green look creepy But would be easier to clean.
  3. I had the same problem as Jack, but as I walked out of the room the Press X to Download message showed up. I quickly went back in so I could see what happened. Very good on ya for that.
  4. I really liked the map and new buildings. The sounds are great. Other players got to the computers so I could not see what the PCs were doing. Maybe next time. I did not crash at any time.
  5. In the file: dedicated_game_info.xml look for the fields "Message_of The Day" I Think that is what you are looking for.
  6. These are great! Keep up the good work, cannot wait for this to hit the big screen.
  7. It was too resource intensive and was laggy.
  8. Yes John, I have Rahn's mod and Rahn's God Mod and Bretzies mod and and English folder all in my Local folder with no problems.
  9. John, We also use Rahn's mod for playing TDM on the coop server. Also I ran the sound mod in regular weapons by putting a sound folder into the English folder. I just copied the sound folder from Rahn's folder to the English folder. It works. This works when playing on your own computer as in Create Server because you do not have to rename the Local folder when playing on your own server.
  10. Look in the Quick Bundle under /objects/beings
  11. The file is: dedicated_game_info.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <game_info admin_password="xxx" internet_server="true" internet_speed="5000"> <server_settings type="coop"> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="csar"> <match_length value="60"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="15"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="dm"> <match_length value="60"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="30"/> <spawn_time value="15"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="hh"> <match_length value="60"/> <match_points value="150"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="15"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="rvsa"> <match_length value="60"/> <max_players value="32"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="s"> <capture_time value="15"/> <match_length value="60"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="15"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="tdm"> <match_length value="60"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="15"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> </server_settings> <gametype_settings> <auto_balance value="true"/> <auto_balance_limit value="2"/> <dedicated_server value="true"/> <friendly_fire value="true"/> <gamespy_ranked value="true"/> <immortality_duration value="10"/> <match_length value="15"/> <message_of_the_day value="Welcome to our server"/> <message_of_the_day_interval value="1600"/> <name value="Coop Rahnman's Mod v4.01 *See Server Info*..."/> <port value="16250"/> <punish_tk value="true"/> <scan_for_cheats value="false"/> <show_who_killed_who value="true"/> <start_condition value="2"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="5"/> <vote_enable value="true"/> <vote_kick_starters value="2"/> <vote_map_starters value="2"/> <vote_ratio value="55"/> <vote_time value="20"/> <win_condition value="6"/> </gametype_settings> <match_info level="coop_tc02_bold_venture_day_v2" order="1"> </match_info> <match_info level="coop_tc02_bold_venture_night_v2" order="2"> </match_info> <match_info level="coop_Bogie_Strategic_Day_v2" order="3"> </match_info> <match_info level="coop_tc02_calavera_storm_day_v2" order="4"> </match_info> </game_info>
  12. John, We played v1_2 last night on the TAW server. Everything worked just fine. Almost everyone had at least 1 crash. I had 3 and I think Reddog had up to 5. All objectives worked just fine. I am really impressed with this mission. You have out done yourself. (The only problem I saw was at the Door (closest to hemmit A) at Dragon WAgons. It took some moving around to get the message to open the door, but it finally showed up. The prison worked great. Like the morse code at the Depo. I beleive it is ready to release.
  13. Put your mission bundles in the custom_levels folder. edit the dedicated_games_info.xml file located in the Settings folder to list the missions you want to play and show on the server info. These folders and files should already be on the server since it hosts the game.
  14. John, We were playing v1_1 and Reddog is the one that was first in the building. I do not know if he retrieved the keys or not, the waypoint message for them was not showing when I got there. There were also NO doors open for any cells and no AI in the cell areas at all. We had approched from the Dragon Wagons. When we played V1 everything in the prison worked as it should. I will play it again and see if it works like it should.
  15. John, We played this tonight on the TAW server. 1.There were NO AI in the prison. None of the doors would open so we could not complete that part of the mission. 2.One of the guys blew up one of the dragon wagons with a Zuse so we were not able to plant C4 on it and could not complete that objective either. We restarted the mission and tried again. That is when we discovered the problem with the prison. 3. The elevator is nice, but it get to be a nuisance after a while. All of the other objectives finished OK but we never got to the extraction to see how that was.
  16. John, We played this today on the TAW server. Everything seems to be working just fine. I did crash a couple of times thou. I loved the music in the prison. I am with Rahn about the AI inside a locked cell. Kind of gave me a start. I was expecting a prisoner. Loved the helo plans on the wall and the Gr game disk next to the computer. I did notice that I had to turn up the special effects volume nearly all the way up to be able to hear the sounds. At first I thought there was something wrong as I had heard the sounds when I played solo on my own machine. We did not get to the elevator as there were only two of us and we both got killed at the same time and the server reset to the next game in sequence, so maybe next time. Loved it.
  17. Download and install FREE Microsoft Secuity Esentials! That will work better. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=microsoft%20security%20essentials%20download&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&ved=0CCoQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.microsoft.com%2Fen-us%2Fdownload%2Fdetails.aspx%3Fid%3D5201&ei=giRaULf6Kuqe2QX--4GgDQ&usg=AFQjCNFDkJE1HwnE2oPOIQjeL73MuR0ZWg
  18. Re-dowload the the latest build.
  19. Jack beat me to the post (I was still in bed at that time). Anyway I crashed out 2 times and I think Goose also crashed a couple of time. The problem at the Embasy is fixed. The times I crashed were when the air strike happened and when one of the other objective blew up. I can not remember which one. I am running on a core 2 duo E7200 1.59 GHZ with win7 Ultimate (x86) 4 GB ram and a Geforce 9400 GT video with 1 GB. I did not have any lag to speak of but Goose kept saying he did. I do not know what system he is running. I guess we have to upgrade our equipment to keep up with you. I think it is ready to release.
  20. Jack, do not give him any ideas, snipers are hard enough as it is.
  21. John, It appears JackDoe covered the problems and you have them fixed in this new version. We will try tonight and see if thing go better. Thanks for a new fantastic mission. I do not know where you get all your ideas, but keep it up.
  22. John, Goose, meMongo, Direwolf5 and myself played this last night on the TAW server. We got overwhelmed with AI right from the start. The new automated doors are great. The first one (garage) scared Dire when it opened. Also the one with the Tank scared Goose. It took over an hour just to get the first objective. We did not get to finish the map as the server went down as we were at the Embasy. We are going to try again tonight and play on the regular practice on Tuesday. So far this is a very intense mission with a lot of hidden AI. We did not get to see all the new stuff, but know it will be great as usual.
  23. I heard the Gov. gave them Classified material. Notice it is not to be released until after the election!
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