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  1. Look at your custom_levels folder and see if you have coop_bogie_hcb_v2.bundle, that's where those maps are in my folder.
  2. Yes it works, that is really dirty!!!!
  3. John, it is very possible and more than likely probable that with 16 or so players, some have hit the objective before the start trigger. I know for a fact that some of us went to the gate before the waypoint even displayed. We were just waiting there for it to trigger.
  4. Not that I know of. Eric, I have been working on converting my Strongpoint mission for you. But, I have run into a big problem, that when loading a saved game, it crashes. That makes it un-playable. Still working on it though.
  5. I use mexicobob because that is what all my friends call me as I have traveled all over Mexico on my motorcycle for the last 20 years. I have friends in nearly every city in the country.
  6. Yes, the hallways were swarming with prisoners, so many I could hardly see around them. They kept trying to get through a door that I could not get open, so we ended the mission without finishing it.
  7. Played on the TAW server last night, sounds working fine. Could never get the Prisoner C, Prisoner B, Prisoner D cleared.
  8. John, I had the same problem as Rahnman in the bunker on level A. Also the message for The triggers 05c and 05c1 o5c2 never got cleared from the screen. When I went to clean up the level of the last of the Ai, it started lagging so bad I could not move, after about 5 min. I crashed out of the mission. When I tried to reload it, I got the message that my CDkey was already in use and could not get back in. By the way, it was myself and Mongo playing this last night on the TAW server and we had been over 2 hours and had not cleared a single objective by that time. This one is a killer--keep up the good work.
  9. I know when I first played GR:AW 2 solo, it took me a little over 10 months to finish the complete campaign, so keep at it. It is worth it.
  10. I suddenly feel cheated, hehe. Shot it yet? Not yet!
  11. I got a Nexis 7 tablet and a Ruger LC9 9mm pistol and 150 rounds of ammo.
  12. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. 3 hours and 25 min. till Christmas here.
  13. I have no idea what an Afghan type mission would be. We would probably need an all new landscape and different uniforms for the AI. By the way EricJ. I was in the 1st Eng. Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division at Ft Riley Kansas in 1960. Thank you for your service.
  14. I agree 100%, I did not like this one either.
  15. I do not understand your question! Have you looked at the Downloads section of Graw 2?
  16. John, the only thing I saw in this map was outside the Humram building. Across the street there is a lamp post with a section of vertical rock up against it. It is not major and does not interfere with the mission. It is just that it is hard to see thru it facing the humram facility. When you are past it and look back can you see the lamp post.
  17. That is a feature(bug) of GR:AW 2 nothing I can do about that.
  18. Sorry, I can not do anything with the smoke. (I checked on it). Version 3 is ready.
  19. I have been reminded of a problem that existed in the original water_plant bundle of the game not ending properly. I will fix that in V3 which should be the very last changes to this mission. Sorry for all the revisions.
  20. Save your profile somewhere then reinstall the game.
  21. I fixed the area where you had the problem and changed the triggers and added more AI.
  22. Candy, I see where you are talking about. I will wait a couple of days and see if anyone else has a problem before releasing another version this soon. We played this a few times on the Taw server but nobody went over the clff or down that far.
  23. I have modified the Water Plant Coop mission. Some of the triggers were not working, those have been fixed. Also relocated some triggers. Opened up some of the paths that were closed off and added some AI. File name for your server: coop_mexbob_water_plant_v3 File size: 1.78 MB
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