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  1. kaapo, I am still working on the triggers to try and cover all the bases. Hopefully the next version will fix this problem. Thanks for testing.
  2. Version 1_1 ready for test. Rearranged some triggers for better game play. Moved AI that was shooting thru the wall.
  3. Jack it may be hard to find since there are approx. 400+ Ai in this mission. Ok Jack, I moved that troublesome AI. It should be safer now.
  4. Spawn points swapped around. Insertion and extract points changed. More snipers added. Chemical objective removed. Triggers rearranged to match new locations.
  5. This a remake of JohnTC02's 2009 Calavera Storm map to commemorate the destruction of the smokestacks that were at Calavera which was originally called Smelter Town. The smoke stacks were a famous landmark for the El Paso Juarez area for over 100 years with the tallest stack (the one with red and white checkerboard) being 826 ft tall. It was erected in 1967. The demolition of these stacks took place on the morning of April 13 th 2013. Videos can be seen on You Tube Asarco Smokestacks. ​ DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/?v117w014ogodus7 Name for your server: coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v1_1
  6. @Spike, what version of Windows are you using? If using WIN 7 the changes must be in your user area custom_levels folder. Example: c:\Users\Spike\AppData\Local\GRAW2\data\levels\custom_levels\your_mission
  7. Thanks for the heads up John. Hope everything is OK. WE have really enjoyed your maps over the years. Good luck with your new old hobby!
  8. Eric, I tried but the GRAW 2 game engine does not like the save-game funchion of the GRAW 1 games. You can save the game, but when you reload it, it will play for about 5 seconds then crash to the desktop. No way around it. Sorry- I wanted it to be SP also. The maps are just too big. John did make the map smaller by more than half which I released as a version 6 of the COOP map. THat did not fix the problem either.
  9. TAW now has over 2300 members. The GRAW division is recruiting now. WE play with Rahnman's Mod 4.01. WE have a NA Platoon and also a EU Platoon. NA practice is on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM Eastern. EU practice is on Tuesday and Saturday at 3 PM Eastern. Come on by and have some fun.
  10. I was busy with TAW.net duties. Will try to do some more in a bit.
  11. Blame, just go to the Downloads section and do a search on "coop_mexbob" and you should find the other conversions I did from Graw1.
  12. In version 6 the new file names are: coop_mexbob_strongpoint_day_v6 coop_mexbob_strongpoint_night_v6 The minimap has been updated to show the objectives. The file size has been reduced to 40.9 MB Enjoy
  13. Try moving it to the desktop, make changes save and move it back.
  14. Sorry to hear this John, hope every thing turns out OK.
  15. It is using some of the system RAM. XP could not see more than 3 gb.
  16. Played Yesterday with 2 of us on TAW server (a 3rd person joined in at the end) took 97 min. to finish. I finally got to see the laptops and the beautiful downloads of the weapons. Amazing stuff there John.
  17. WE had about 12 players too for that 16 min.
  18. Played again last night and finished in 16 min. this time. All good to go.
  19. You may have used a copyrighted song.
  20. Go to this site and it can check if your system is compatible. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
  21. John, We played this on the TAW server last night and it went well, no problems. WE had 12 players and finished it in 23 min. Another good one. I do not know how you can put these together so fast. I know how much work is involved!!! Just one complaint: It is just a little too dark for me with my poor eyesight.
  22. I clicked on the link and it went to my own YouTube channel not his! ​
  23. I did not see the new banner at first. Then switched back to the Deviant theme then saw it! Glad to have this theme back. ​
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