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  1. This is a RVSA mission by Taw_Mexicobob based on PGS_Iceman's Icaro map and a suggestion from =BH= Roland. Thanks to the =BH= clan and TAW clan for testing. size : 4.3 MB Name for Server: rvsa_icaro_v1 Download. Enjoy ​
  2. Order this package from Rocky, it has everything in it. http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/mod-dvd.htm
  3. Here is a RVSA mission on the Embassy_Open map by SG.NLY_P@po and an idea from =BH= Roland Size: 4.41 MB Name for Server: rvsa_embassy_v1 Thanks to the =BH= and TAW clans for beta testing. DOWNLOAD. Enjoy ​
  4. This a RVSA mission by TAW_Mexicobob made on PGS_Iceman's hot_valley map. This was an idea submitted by =BH= Roland and beta tested by the =BH= and TAW clans. Download The zip file is valley.zip and the name for your server is rvsa_valley File size is 5MB READY FOR RELEASE Enjoy ​
  5. After 2 months of working with the =BH= clan I have finished my first working RVSA map. This map is based on Bogie's Assault mission map using the Training Grounds map as a starter. Name for the server is: rvsa_assault_v1 Size of Zip file is 2.61 MB I would like to thank the =BH= clan for the beta testing and ideas for this mission. Also the TAW members who also tested. DOWNLOAD
  6. Still have NDA was a Kickstarter supporter and also for Ground Branch.
  7. I have already played the beta on PC and I only have a dual core processor and a GTX 9400 Nvidia card.
  8. Can you try a different slot?
  9. Don't feel bad, it took me almost a year to finish both Advanced Warfighter games (GRAW and GRAW 2). Then I started playing co-op with the fine fellows at TAW.NET and am having a blast. Have been playing with them for almost 4 years now . We are always looking for more players. Join us on Team Speak 3 at ts.taw.net.
  10. Looks just like the TV series "Person of Interest" ​
  11. Guess I have to move to Scotland!!! ​
  12. This is the best I can get.
  13. You do not need a dedicated server. All you need to do is select "Create Server" at the multiplayer level. Give it a name that your friend s will recognize and give it a password if you like and give that to your friends. Build your map rotation by selecting the maps you want to play and click "ADD" to put them on the right hand side of the list. Also you can select it to be LAN or Online Server. I always use Online Server for it to show up in Gamespy list.
  14. John has given me permission to edit and release this mission. Name for your server is: coop_tc02_black_velvet_v2 Size: 38.9 MB DOWNLOAD LINK : Black Velvet v2. Thanks to all the Beta testers. ​
  15. How many enemies are in this mission? I am looking for some missions that are similar to OGR missions with light resistance. About 250
  16. Candy where were you during the beta testing?
  17. This a remake of JohnTC02's 2009 Calavera Storm map to commemorate the destruction of the smokestacks that were at Calavera which was originally called Smelter Town. The smoke stacks were a famous landmark for the El Paso Juarez area for over 100 years with the tallest stack (the one with red and white checkerboard) being 826 ft tall. It was erected in 1967. The demolition of these stacks took place on the morning of April 13 th 2013. Videos can be seen on You Tube Asarco Smokestacks. DOWNLOAD: HERE /coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v2.zip http://www.mediafire...k35/smelter.png ​ ​Name for your server:coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v2
  18. This map is ready for release: coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/col2ll50u36v3zu/coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v2.zip Thanks to JackDoe, Kaapo and the TAW team for testing.
  19. Version 1_2 ready for test. http://www.mediafire.com/?cpbh41053dq69h8
  20. Look for a powerline network adaptor. I use Netgear. http://www.bestcovery.com/best-powerline-network-adapters?sem=3884548242pnabing&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%7BQueryString%7D&utm_campaign=bing_sem
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