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  1. I have played a total of 8+ hours at the moment. FPS is 60 max and 19 min. with i5 3.0 ghz and 12 GB ram and Nividia GTX 650.
  2. I just finished the 1st and 2nd missions on solo and it is OK , just not great.
  3. A lot of Bogie's and my mods are GRAW1 conversions that play in GRAW2, mine play well as single player since there are not as many AI in them.
  4. Our TAW servers are gone for now since we let the contract end with the supposed shutdown of GameSpy. Our LAN Virtual Dedicated Server is up and running just fine.
  5. The regular TAW servers will be going down tomorrow (May 28th) for good. The only way you can play on a TAW server is by using Hamachie and the server will be under Local Servers in the MultiPlayer section of GRAW2. The server to join is TAWGRAW2 , you will need to be approved before you can play. We are running Rahnman's Mod 4.01 for both Coop and TDM on this one server.
  6. We have rented a VDS server from FPSHosting.net and have Hamachi runing on it along with GRAW2 and it is working great. We have 32 slots also. We are good to go! WE played on both servers last night and all went well.
  7. Yes, on May 31st GameSpy is closing down ALL its servers. Hamachi works playing LAN, have not found a service that works with our public paid server! http://www.poweredbygamespy.com/pricing/
  8. Well, we tried for 5 days trying to get it to work with no luck! Hamachi loaded right up in 5 minutes. We just can not get to use our rented Public Server. ​
  9. Thanks, the word is that Gamespy is shutting down all its servers May 31th, 2014. We will be checking out Tunngle. After a lot of trying, Tunngle does not work with GRAW 2. But Hamachi does.
  10. From what I have heard Game Ranger does not support GRAW 2! If that is wrong please advise how it works.
  11. Thanks, the word is that Gamespy is shutting down all its servers May 31th, 2014. We will be checking out Tunngle.
  12. Just checked, your Domain Name is good until December 6th 2014. I suggest you check with TUCOWS about this problem.
  13. Sure looks like it, Did you pay your domain name renewal?
  14. Acronis True Image works a lot faster that win 7 backup.
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ​ to all. ​
  16. I have made more changes to this mission. Added 3 more troop drops and fixed the extraction problem some have reported. The new name for your server is: coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v4 http://www.mediafire.com/download/vl0f4icecn5ugxo/coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v4.zip Size is 142.2 MB Trying to make it better each time. ​ There was an unwanted file in the previous upload, this corrects it. ​
  17. EricJ, I tried making some GRAW maps into Campaigns for GRAW 2 but they just will not work. I think it has something to do with the size of the maps. The save points do not work. They crash within a couple of min after loading the saved game. Sorry but I tried.
  18. Per multiple requests, I have added the friendly diamonds back to Bogie's Harry Lee 1605 Day map. http://www.mediafire.com/download/s287b8rsc7a58d9/coop_bogie_mexbob_harrylee_1605_day4_v2.zip Name for your server is: coop_bogie_mexbob_harrylee_1605_day4_v2 Size: 4mb
  19. I can not find any reference to the Mod working in GRAW only for GRAW 2.
  20. I have made more changes to this mission. Added more AI and 5 troop drops with 8 AI each at different places on the map. The new name for your servers is: coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v3 File size is reduced to 142.2 MB Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ms98d8yg7sonrs3/coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v3.zip Enjoy ​
  21. CJo1964, it is easier to do the RVSA/TDM maps with no AI. ​ And I had forgot about your request. ​
  22. rvsa_the_cave_v2 is ready for release. This is a mission by Taw_Mexicobob based on a map by PGS_Iceman from an idea from BH_ Roland Name for your server is: rvsa_the_cave_v2 Size of the zip file is: 6.02 MB Enjoy ​ DOWNLOAD. Thanks to the =BH= Clan for testing
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