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  1. OK, I went all the way back to the last save for 'Forest Encampment' and restarted from there, finished that mission then selected next mission ' Chaotic Refuse', then saw informer, took out adat worked my way to the resupply mule then to the canisters, everything worked this time around, destroyed a and b canisters went to bunker and finished it off and extracted with one other ghost. ALL DONE!

    Thanks for the help


  2. I had visited the informer first before I ever found the canisters. (does the whole team have to visit the informer, because only I did.?)

    I lost all my ghosts except for Ramirize. I went to the canisters before the bunker and did not see any c4. I destroyed the canisters with the GL, but did not clear the waypoint. I then cleared out the bunker and emp the console. Finished killing all the AI and no extraction instructions.

  3. Hello Bogie,


    In "Operation Chaotic Refuse" how do you inspect the containers? Also I have killed all the enemy that I can find and destroyed the console etc. But still have the place marker for "Inspect Containers". I have bumped up against all the containers that I can reach but nothing happens. I have cleared the roof top landing zone also.

    I finished the "forest Encampemet with the solid trees - was very hard to see who is shooting at you. Then saw your answer to that problem after the fact.


    Thanks for any help,

    Mexico Bob

  4. I removed the game then reinstalled. It did not update with an ingame update and my manual patch was erased when I uninstalled. So now I am back to the retail setup and the custom_levels directory is not there. I made a new directory for it and put in the mod. But it still does not show up on the screen. It does however show in the multiplayer section under a (create server) section.


    I just was able to recreate this issue. The reason that you are not seeing the multiple campaigns is that the campains are not there. I moved out all of my modded campaigns and the arrows disappeared.

    To correct, assure that the "campaign_bogie_ver1_5_all.bundle" is in your "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\custom_levels" directory.

    Try doing this and seeing if this corrects your issue.



    That may be my problem, What I have is labeled: coop_bogie_tacyard_v2.bundle

    Where do I get campaign_bogie_ver1_5_all.bundle?

    [admin edit: Double quotes removed]

    I found it and removed the other bundle and it now works, I also got the updated patch to install OK.


    Thanks for all your help!!


  5. Here is a screen shot. I do not have any other items in the custom_levels except this. This is the first time I have tried this. Version 1.05(30899.3048).


    I setup a new profile and get the same results with only the 1st original mission listed.

    I changed my resolution to 800X600 with same results, changed back to 1440X900.



  6. I downloaded the "Sanchez Campaign AKA Bogie Missions", unziped into the custom_levels. Start the game, select Campaign and cannot figure how to start this mission. I do not have anything on the right hand side of screen that says "graw2" also the arrows do not work, only the mouse. Please help! :wall:

    I got it to run, didn't realize I had to create a server and run it under multiplayer!

    What I really wanted to do was play it in SP mode.

  7. :wall:

    I've cleaned area in front of airport - destroyed tank and killed all enemys. But I don't get any confirmation to continue further on with mission. I've checked every corner for possible enemy's but no sign of them. Help?

    [Merged with existing thread]

    I have the same problem!

    In GRAW2 in "Welcome to Juarez", At the airport area, I have destroyed the tank, killed

    everything in sight, have 2 loyalest alive but can not complete the

    section. In searching around, if I try to leave the area - the game


    The Notice for "Assist" is still there, but the tank is evedently on

    top of it. I can not figure out what to do. HELP!

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