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  1. But.. it was an ''Online server'' , and i logged in with the same nickname and PW as I used the first time I run gameshare prog..

    It wasnt a LAN sever..

    So i have to make a dedi for people to join?

    Back to hamachi again...erm. :S

    Select Dedicated, then further down in the settings check online, then it will work just fine.

  2. Works perfect, yes, and integrated server list in the program, cool and simple..

    i join few games... theres 7 servers both TDM and coop but its not very populated lately... :(

    Thanks Struth, didnt know that version was so simple after all those complicated threads lol.

    Anyone knows if it can be tweak to target a modified game;

    like using the ''Rahnman.bat'' launcher?

    Works just fine with Rahnman's mod, but not any servers up using it.

  3. I decided to get involved with the download version of GRAW and have run into a major problem in the area of the GRAW editor.

    First, I tried to self create the shortcut for the GRAW editor and nothing seemed to work. not to mention that, my research on the internet showed this game isn't popular probably due to its age. That being said, I used the bundle extractor to extract the patch.bundle file. Guess what? I found the context-editor.xml files right in the main directory. So I made a copy and put it into the GRAW main folder.

    The editor came on and I placed a piece of road down and saved the file. Next problem: The editor/game doesn't create the work folder and subsequent folders so when I saved my map, where did it go?

    so in conclusion, ONLY buy the download version of GRAW if you have no plans for creating maps or mods.

    My example for mission12

    Check this area for your user name:

    C:\Users\bob\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\english\levels\custom_levels\mission12

  4. The editor does not use the function keys.

    Use the Ctrl key and the numbers 1,2 and 3 keys for the different menus.

    The trees and bushes are in the Static tab Ctrl 2

    Correction the editor does use the F8 key to toggle the player mode.

    My HP laptop does have function keys.

  5. Ok, I bought my GRAW/GRAW2 off of Amazon, I created a "custom_levels" folder as by default this version doesn't do it with either game.

    I forget how to create the context-editor.xml files and .bat file to start the GRAW 2 editor.

    Also, if mexicanbob is around, for some strange reason 3/4 or more of the maps in the "coop_mexbob_urban_combat_v3" bundle have an issue whereby I fall and there is no ground.

    I can't put a finger on it. alot of times the game will give and error message about restarting the game and have a file named "terrain file clean" and when i start i fall again.

    if this makes sense

    Papa6, I do not know what the problem can be. I have had the same problem with some of John's maps but the problem seems to go away after a while, then everything works like it should. Sorry I can not be any help on this.

  6. Yes, I can connect and play on other servers. Also, if I set my computer to be an online server people can connect to it. But I have to be playing on that computer as well. That is not the computer I like to play on as My new computer is faster. I do not like to set it as Online server because when I quit everyone else has to quit as well.

    My dedicated server is using port UDP -16250.

  7. I know, that is what I have been doing.


    However, when I set one of my computers up as a dedicated server, it does show up in the list of servers, but we cannot connect to it.

    WE just get a ping-pong connecting to server message. I had another player try from his computer, he could see it in the list but got the same ping-pong effect.

  8. We play on Tuesday and Thursday night starting around 8 PM EDT for about 3 to 4 hours, sometimes on Saturdays at the same time.

    I see where you have already submitted a request to join the server. The Server Admin will have to approve you, at which time you will be able to get in game whether or not anyone else is playing as the server is up 24/7.

  9. TAW has a dedicated Virtual server running Rahnman's mod with up to 32 players.

    It is using Hamachi.

    1.Load Hamachi

    2.Hit the Power button\

    3.Select Network

    4.Join an Existing Network

    5.Enter: TAWGRAW2 ( there is no password)

    6.Submit request for approval.

    7. When approved just log in by turning on the power button.

    We play every Tuesday and Thursday starting around 8Pm EST to 12pm EST.

    Also Saturdays at 8PM EST.

    You can join us on Teamspeak at t3.taw.net

    Colonel Mexicobob

    Division Commander GRAW2

    PS: tom1935 I am 72 maybe older than you!

  10. Taw has a server running under Hamachie. Use network TAWGRAW2

    Then request approval

    The server is running Rahnman's Mod 4.1

    Is a 32 client Hamachie server.

    You do not have to be a TAW member to play but would like to have you join.

    Join us on TeamSpeak 3 at ts.taw.net

    Colonel Mexicobob

    GRAW Division Commander

  11. Really? My pc is weaker than yours and i'm getting double that.


    AMD FX 6300

    AMD Radeon HD 7850 2gb

    8gb RAM

    Maybe its more optimized for AMD...

    Those were the figures from running the Benchmark within the program. I have not tried seeing what FPS I have using Fraps.

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