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  1. Yes for me... Replays and scores already sent. Just waiting for the other missions.
  2. 1st Mision = 0 Points 2nd Mission = 80 Points I have time this night to make the other two missions. I've already sent the replays with the notepad file. Greets
  3. I understand what you mean GreyHaired, with one insertion the feeling is a lot different so i also taked that challenge. My first mission resulted in a failure , i guess with the 2º attempt i could fix some errors i made but i prefer this way. So, mission 1 for me results in 0 Points. My second mission ended with 80 Points , this one didn't seemed to complicated but a soldier died unfortunately. I'll attempt the other two missions as soon as possible, felt excited with the first two. A word for Lightspeed, great job with the missions, they are just great . Liked a lot the fi
  4. Ok, after some busy days i managed to save today's night for the tourney. I've seen on the forum that it has been some crashes on the first mission. I'll take the new file to make my attempt. Some of the players are trying one insertion only. How many can i try? One or two? I'm sure that everyone is in the tourney just for the fun but it isn't fair for some to try one insertion and others to try two. Wish me luck for tonight...
  5. I'm playing the tourney, already have the necessary, just hadn't the chance to start because ghost league has started this week. Me and my team are setting things right for the league. I hope that tomorrow i can start the first mission. Sorry for the delay, i know we should complete the missions as fast as possible but the free time is not much. Work, girlfriend, football and practice, etc.
  6. Cant wait for the start... Isn't possible to use someone's server to see how many tries the user makes? That would be alot easier to you. It wouldn't take too much time since we can only have 2 goes. I guess that 5 min for me it will be enough... lol Can i send you the request email today?
  7. Sign me please. I'll inform some of my friends to see if they are interested. Great job Lightspeed.
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