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  1. Hi .

    ty for have fix so quickly.

    I would also request , if is possible to boost up the enemy skills, they are too static and shot only when you are very close and for example the snipers on roof bank is too easy to kill.

    in advance Ty.

    Colonel {A&O}William_P. Aka Giovanni Meloni (Italy)

    Security Detachment, Commanding Officer/ Base Commander Nuraghe

    PS this mod is also running on Base Nuraghe IP williamparsons.homeip.net:2346 or in numbers

    feel you free to join and have fun!

    PPS Merry Christmas

  2. Hope you mean: :unsure:

    Frostbite 1.3 which is Frostbite 1.2 & 1.3 patch


    DTD Cold Crisis mod = DTD Cold Call Out

    Navy Seals v2.1 by Piccolo???

    i not able to download DTD :wall:

    if i click on the link and go forward on surf .... arrived on fileplanet that returns me an error.... :wall:

    reached the same result from the link of the author

    i have also try to search on fileplanet , no way. :wacko:

    Please, i need help. :(

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