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  1. Hi, Yes, my little script is for the SP of GR:AW 1 In words: I want that the game saves the current game situation after I killed two member of an enemy group. The script has to work for all the enemy groups of a mission/map. Some information about the dxe-files: I found this two things - in the "bundle.bat" found in the "Modding Tools GRAW2\bundler\" @ECHO OFF ECHO Compiling xml files to .xmb @bundler.exe compile-xml %1 ECHO Compiling dsf files to .dxe @bundler.exe compile-scripts %1 ... - in the "readme.txt" found in the "Modding Tools GRAW2\bundler\", too It sh
  2. Hello everybody! My name is Thomas from germany and I read "GHOST RECON: ADVANCED WARFIGHTER - SCRIPTING FOR BEGINNERS - Patch v1.35" Thanks to Wolfsong again! After that great tutorial I have tried to make the following: First idea: GR:AW1 makes a new savegame after the player have killed two member of a enemy group <!--mission01.xml: starts where all the "user-elements" start--> <user name="two_enemies_killed"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="save_game_condition"> <enemy group_id="all" condition="2"/> </trigger> <event name="save_game"/>
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