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  1. What if I kept HU activated and simply changed the settings to reflect original GR weapon characteristics and AI? Would that be feasible? I don't know how I would go about that... I would also want to change the HUD and ironsights, if possible. This way, I should be able to keep the maps, but tweak the weapon characteristics and AI.
  2. True. I do love having 150 different maps at my fingertips in HU, though. Oh well.
  3. Zee, Rocky and Thales, thanks for that info. It looks like I should just load the maps individually.
  4. I'll tell you a bit more about what I'm looking for. I'd like to preserve the enemy AI as it was in original GR. I'd like to preserve the original weapons and their characteristics. Everything else is optional.
  5. Hi y'all. Been awhile. Thanks for still being here. Life has finally calmed down enough to let me start playing again. I would like to extract out the maps from the Heroes Unleashed mod and just play those maps with the original Ghost Recon settings (with DS and IT activated). (,By the way, that is an amazing mod and I have really enjoyed it.) What folders do I need to copy out of the Heroes Unleashed mod folders into new mod folder ("Just Maps") in order to play them? I have tried several of the folders and have activated the Just Maps mod, but GR won't successfully start a quick mission. Thanks, hope to see you on the servers. remix
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy/barter 3D Studio Max 5 for PC. Does anyone have an old copy that they are no longer using that they would be willing to sell to a fellow GR fan? Thanks, mates, Merry Christmas. remix79
  7. I love it when you get to trick enemies to fight each other. Can't wait to try this. (Edit: In, like, two months when I get a breather. )
  8. *drool* That mosque looks really good so far...
  9. Just growing up a good person in this crazy world, thanks to so many other people who helped out while I was growing up. Military service and deployment. Helping people learn maths. You?
  10. I, too, don't understand the appeal of Red Square. Do people like it because it is easy to find the spawning locations to rape?
  11. Wooooooooow, fantastic work so far as shown by the preview shots. Can't wait to try the missions out and see how they look.
  12. Thanks for the invite, Riley! I'll check you guys out.
  13. Thanks, Hammer, Tinker and Alex. I'll just have to see if I can pick up a copy of 3DS Max somewhere...what's the best version to work with GR, since you're here?
  14. Hmm, so the plugins are essential because without them, one can't export the finished files (in both Photoshop and 3DS Max) as a .rsb file? Dang. That kinda sucks. Might as well pony up and try to find an old version of 3DS Max to buy, especially because I don't want to spend a fortnight on a map only to find that some compatibility issue keeps it from working in 3DS Max. Thanks a lot for the help and the offer of assistance, Alex. zeealex++
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