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  1. From I can read you have never played Ghost Recon 1 or 2 or any of their expansions. See here is the thing, THEY ALREADY DID THAT. The Advanced Warfighter series completely revamped everything, I mean everything. What more hardcore GR fans, like myself (Started with GR2 and Summit Strike, I was young when they came out, doesn't mean I did own.) want to see a mixture of old and new. The good thing is that with RSE they gradually add on. GR2 was good. Summit Strike was better. GRAW1 was amazing. And GRAW2 was, well, better, as you can seethe pattern. Hopefully with GR4, instead of fixing things one by one, they will fix everything and anything.
  2. I agree on most (timed co-op, realism, etc), but intel is the only way we get fed storyline. From what I can see is we all just don't like General Martin, so more detailed characters would work better instead of ridding of them.
  3. Yeah, sorry Calling them an assistant is disrespectful aint it?
  4. Ha, I would love to expand (Ayo) but: 1. I've hit a wall and can't remember the vital things. and 2. Usually things go unanswered, like with the Endwar devs who held around three competitions but never announced any winners. Anyway, I would LOVE for GR Devs to read through all our ideas, if every single game maker read their community's fanfictions, downloaded their mods, played with them in game, and stayed in tune with the forums, GR4 would be far greater than any other game. But what we usually get is the "Player > Moderator > Assistant > Dev" system of transferring info going.
  5. I'm sorry Kim but I'm going to have to cheat, this is the first time I've ever seen an active dev make a suggestions thread and actually check back in. So be prepared my fellow gamers, this will be a long list. 1. EASY ACCESS First off, Ghost Recon IV should be a open-code game, meaning instead of spitting out new games every year, create one game that can be easily updated and fixed. (Think of the attention Halo 3 garners, albeit it is MS's flag game AND it may have a larger population of players.) So that packets of maps, missions (Co-Op and Extensions), skins, weapons, playlists, and armor can be added and updated. 2. CUSTOMIZATION Keep weapons unable to be customized, a tactical game needs uniformity, not a series of 1-Ups. However, a large collection of weapons is what we all love about GR, keep it, and keep adding. Also, do not feel afraid to go crazy in the amount of options you can add to customize a player's character. below is what I personally would like to see. *Preferred camouflage: Allows you to select your own camo from a large list instead of being forced to be stuck with the host's choice (The host usually sets his team's camo to black while the opposing team is set to white.) *Customizable and Unlockable Armor Sets. Bungie created a series of armor sets that are broken down into pieces, take the same premise, mix it with RSV6's character creator, and spit out a unique customization system that will allow you to change your face, skin color, gender (Smaller physique for women), voice, shoulder pads, leg pads, vests, etc etc that can be unlocked by completing tasks or by participating in the community or by contest. 3. ACES Take Rainbow Six's "challenges" and give it a Ghost Recon makeover. 4. SMART AI: It might seem tricky but every object in game should have a voice keyword. So in reality, take the current system and optimize it, by allowing AI to judge distance and direction. Example: In GRAW2 Ramirez may say "By the red car!" Guess what? There is more than 1 red car. So by adding on to the current system "By the red car!" would become "By the red car, 20 meters southeast!" 5. ENEMY AI SHOULD FLANK! Seriously, It may be an easy kill, but an enemy jeep cannot stay in the line of fire, taking damage, and not try to evade. Same for tanks, IFVs, and even enemy personnel themselves. 6. FOR AESTHETICS Give every ally (Blue or green) a name. It adds a certain extent of "emotion". So when that "US Soldier" gets blasted, maybe you can actually know that his name was "Michael Smith". 7. LANDSCAPES Already talked about in full in a number of page's in this thread... 8. CHARACTER MOVEMENT It is sluggish and "heavy", controls should run smooth and easy. 9. EDITABLE CONTROLLER SCHEME Already talked about. 10. UNIFORM OFFLINE/ONLINE Singleplayer should look like multiplayer! 11. WHO? Characters in the game should have dialogue beside "We need to move!", we need to get to better know the soldiers fighting beside us rather than reading up on their bios to get our fill. Also, Mitchell truly does have cheesy dialogue. 12. KNIFE of course it should have a delay to take out. It's only real use would be to traverse through smoke and kill and opponent without having to shoot your main weapon and give off a muzzle flash. Or for a signature kill when you pop up on a camper... 13. CLAN integrate clans A LOT more into the current game system, which brings me to my next suggestion... 14. SKILL/RANK/LEADER BOARD Please implement a TrueSkill feature or some kind of fixed exp progression system. Just remember to keep Skill and Rank separate, and of course it ranks comes with its reward. 15. EASTER EGGS Give us something special to hunt down in the giant campaign maps. 16. WACKY ITEMS This is a maybe, I mean, we can't be running around in capes or afros all the time, maybe a wacky playlist on a holiday or special event? 17. ACHIEVEMENTS They are way to easy : / for instance, the Medic Achievement could have easily been upped to at least 25. Also, why not play around with medals? (Sadly, once again, like Halo 3, I'm sorry I keep using it as a reference, its a well planned out game, but I really do hate it sometimes.) 18 DIFFICULTY Most of us veteran players can ride through GRAW2's campaign on the hardest difficulty without assistance. But, as we all know, GRAW1 was too hard. Find a middle point between the two games and test out the difficulties. 19 WEBSITE Integrate the Ghost Recon series into its website. (Once again Halo 3, I'm not a giant fan, just stealing some good ideas.) A game is nothing without its community, and although RSE may not have any power over the website, the current site is trash to say the least. : / Anyways, I'm done. Sorry about this rant, these are suggestions, I'm sorry if they came out to be along the lines of "IMPLEMENT THIS YOU IDIOT!!!1111one!!!!!!!!!!omg!!!!!2211!!!" Feel free to toss some of these out, I making be asking a lot from a game produced by Ubisoft...
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