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  1. From I can read you have never played Ghost Recon 1 or 2 or any of their expansions. See here is the thing, THEY ALREADY DID THAT. The Advanced Warfighter series completely revamped everything, I mean everything. What more hardcore GR fans, like myself (Started with GR2 and Summit Strike, I was young when they came out, doesn't mean I did own.) want to see a mixture of old and new. The good thing is that with RSE they gradually add on. GR2 was good. Summit Strike was better. GRAW1 was amazing. And GRAW2 was, well, better, as you can seethe pattern. Hopefully with GR4, instead of fixing thin
  2. I agree on most (timed co-op, realism, etc), but intel is the only way we get fed storyline. From what I can see is we all just don't like General Martin, so more detailed characters would work better instead of ridding of them.
  3. Yeah, sorry Calling them an assistant is disrespectful aint it?
  4. Ha, I would love to expand (Ayo) but: 1. I've hit a wall and can't remember the vital things. and 2. Usually things go unanswered, like with the Endwar devs who held around three competitions but never announced any winners. Anyway, I would LOVE for GR Devs to read through all our ideas, if every single game maker read their community's fanfictions, downloaded their mods, played with them in game, and stayed in tune with the forums, GR4 would be far greater than any other game. But what we usually get is the "Player > Moderator > Assistant > Dev" system of transferring
  5. I'm sorry Kim but I'm going to have to cheat, this is the first time I've ever seen an active dev make a suggestions thread and actually check back in. So be prepared my fellow gamers, this will be a long list. 1. EASY ACCESS First off, Ghost Recon IV should be a open-code game, meaning instead of spitting out new games every year, create one game that can be easily updated and fixed. (Think of the attention Halo 3 garners, albeit it is MS's flag game AND it may have a larger population of players.) So that packets of maps, missions (Co-Op and Extensions), skins, weapons, playlists, and
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