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  1. Okay. Perhaps I was just mis-informed and I stand corrected. At any rate, I suppose the graphics was the logical choice as mentioned by firefly2442.
  2. With C++ being the mainstream language, it runs faster on the PC with Windows and Intel processors. And that is partially why you don't see multi-platform games sometimes. In order to to make it more firendly to other platforms, they'd have to write the game in something like Java or C#. But then it would run slower on the PC. So then they might write it in different languages, thus increasing the development time. A lot goes into just one game. Would the speed difference be that noticable? That I don't know. But what I do know is multi-platform has it's advantages but so does single-platform. I agree with you on GR1 and GRAW1. And look at Hawx! It could have been so much better too. I hope they really put a good effort in GR4.
  3. Yeah, it's a time is money thing. And they are in the business of making money. I seriously think all game programmers start out wanting to make the games they would love and the way they should be hammering out every detail. After they get in there they have other things to worry about. Making what a large number of people would want versus their bottomline doesn't always balance out. Which is why some games get rushed I think.
  4. Now that I agree with. Just because I don't care for other operating systems doesn't mean I feel people who do should be left out. Also, whatever is done must not affect the quality of the product being released. Cross-platform is nice, but not at the expense of the product. Bottomline is we should all be able to enjoy a good game. As stated, the more the merrier.
  5. Coop for LAN players, not just the online crowd.
  6. We've been looking for another good tactical shooter. However, if it doesn't support LAN coop play, and I haven't looked yet, we won't buy it. A friend and myself stopped playing the R6 series due to the copy protection ruining our disc drives. We can't play online so LAN is a must. And I love a game that has a good Mod community too, for when the orignal format gets tired. UBI in the past has disappointed me a number of times when a game could have been so much better. I use Hawx as an example. But I keep hoping.
  7. Cool I found it finally. I only just started learning C++ and have no prior programming knowledge, other than 10 years of modding experience, but by using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition I was able to load bburn's extractor into it. Then was able to run the extractor and get the missing value since the process was slowed down. I can't write any programs yet but hopefully progress continues. When its all done I plan to release a Mod with the unused weapons and more. Now if only I can figure out a way to get into those annoying .mpack files
  8. After extracting the .bin files from weapons.mdl and looking at the extractor/compiler, I began to watch the extractor closely, finding the number values needed to recompile the files. I came up with this: RadarGuidedMissile_old.bin,2091 BasicMissile_Wingman_old.bin,2821 ExocetMissile_DeathSt.bin,1089 RocketLauncherRocket.bin,1801 PROTO_EngagePlayer_lvl2_no_DMG.bin,4352 PROTO_EngagePlayer_DMG_AI.bin,140 MLRS_Rocket.bin,942 HeliMissile_DMG.bin,760 HeliMissile_DMG_old.bin,417 PROTO_EngagePlayer_lvl2.bin,4294 PROTO_EngagePlayer_lvl2_old.bin,4298 PROTO_EngagePlayer.bin,3771 FreeFallClusterBomb.bin,1352 Missile_AF1_Attacker_EngageAI.bin,2152 DecoyLarge.bin,79 SamMissile_Scene.bin,98 Multi-shotAGmissile.bin,1670 BasicMissile_AirBase_EngageAI_OLD.bin,2412 AgileMissile.bin,646 multi_BasicMissile_air.bin,738 ClusterBombProto.bin,1041 BasicMissileTurn.bin,2564 FreeFallBomb.bin,1260 BasicMissile_MP.bin,2786 AntiShipMissile.bin,340 StingerMissile_old.bin,2108 ALRAAM.bin,1031 FFAR.bin,1021 FFAR_old.bin,970 BasicMissileAC.bin,2137 BasicMissileRG.bin,48 Decoy.bin,794 ClusterMissile.bin,1303 MiniBomb.bin,1027 SamMissile.bin,783 HeliMissile.bin,447 Maverick.bin,3242 Multishot.bin,490 DummyRocket.bin,2746 BasicMissileAI.bin,1558 Test.bin,2097 SamMissileNC.bin,150 ClusterBomb.bin,1318 FreeFallBomb_old.bin,1011 BasicMissileAIStall.bin,1685 BasicMissile_AI_Scene.bin,168 BasicMissile_AI_Level2_.bin,1689 GroundBasicMissile.bin,1421 SamMissileLowEvasion.bin,793 BasicMissileMP.bin,842 StingerMissile.bin,1403 ExocetMissile.bin,1937 ExocetMissile_LR.bin,353 BunkerBuster.bin,337 SAM_Missile_Level1.bin,2110 BasicMissile_AI_Level1.bin,2079 BasicMissile_AI_Level2.bin,663 BasicMissile_AI_Level3.bin,657 BasicMissile.bin,2135 RadarGuidedMissile_MP.bin,803 BasicMissileJaguar.bin,914 SamMissile_lvl2.bin,292 SamMissile_lvl1.bin,2308 BasicMissile_AirBase_EngageAI.bin,2855 MissileSceneFighter.bin,164 FreeFallBomb_AI.bin,1040 BasicMissile_AirBase_EngageAI_clean.bin,2778 StingerMissile_Scene.bin,107 multi_BasicMissile_air_MP.bin,981 SamMissile_2.bin,93 SamMissile_lvl1_proto.bin,5735 Deathstar_MainMissile.bin,5641 SamMissile_Trajectory.bin,3710 ExocetMissile_KillAll2.bin,1946 AgileMissile_MP.bin,469 BasicMissile_AirBase_EngageAI_clean2.bin,2779 BasicMissile_Wingman.bin,2652 PROTO_EngagePlayer_DMG_AI2.bin,209 RadarGuidedMissile.bin,???? The "????" is the value I seem unable to obtain now. The extractor moves so fast I can't pause it fast enough to catch that last line. I recompiled the file with what I knew and tried different values, just guessing for the RadarGuidedMissile.bin but can't figure out how to find it. Anyone know another way? When I slip the new weapons.mdl into the Common folder everything is fine except the Radar Guided Missile in single player. So I know it's due to an incorrect value with that file. If I can find or someone else knows how to get it another way, it could possibly be used on new weapons, or editing existing ones. Like maybe even getting the MultiAA to function more like the MultiAG only in the air.
  9. I tried to renamed the weapons.mdl file "entities.mdl" and use bburn's extractor. By doing that I was able to take a closer look at the files inside. However, since the recompiler wasn't written with the weapons.mdl in mind, I wasn't able to recompile the file. And since the .mdl files do not work like the .pak files you cannot simply make a folder and put stuff in it to override the .mdl. Which means, even though you can get a closer look and make changes to them, you can't use them in the game still. What I found in the weapons.mdl is the targeting and guidance systems for the weapons in Hawx. This would be useful in creating new weapons. Or even editing existing ones. Sadly the same process cannot be used to look closer at the .mpack files. I tried.
  10. I've had some limit success in getting new weapons to work on the player aircraft. Below I will post some screenshots of my progress thus far. I won't post it all, too many pics to show. I will provide a link back to where post it all if anyone wants to check it out or might be able to help me get further. I think there are only 3 files that are restricting me from being able to get what I want done accomplished with adding the existing un-used models and make them work plus perhaps adding new weapons that aren't even in the game. Those files are: Weapons.mdl Weapons.mpack WeaponsDescriptions.mpack I know bburn made an extractor/recompiler for the entities.mdl and that's been a big help in creating new weapon packs as well as adding what weapons I have to the game. But I haven't been able to reach him here about making a similar program for the Weapons.mdl. If anyone has any programing skill and can make such a thing for any of these files, I would be most thankful. And I am sure I'd be able to get more done. Come so far and I still feel my hands are tied. Here are a few shots of things I've done. Exocet AM39 Anti-Ship Missile launched from a Rafale C AGM-84 Harpoons on a F/A-18E Super Hornet GBU-32 JDAM (guided bomb) on a F/A-18C Hornet There's more info and screenshots at the following link. Really want to get into those 3 files http://www.hawxforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=...28&start=20
  11. I love the game itself. I just find it limited. Hawx has so much potential but the whole thing seems rushed. Which is why I started modding it. I been working on getting new (unused models) weapons into the game with limited success. I have Exocet AM39, GBU-32 JDAM (and yes it's a guided bomb), and a AGM-84 Harpoon working in the game now. But not sure how much more I can do without access to certain files which are beyond me to open. I have a possible Mod planned for later and the files I need too get into would not only help me improve said weapons but make more. At any rate it's a good game and would have been better if it had the proper support
  12. A Mission Editor would be most excellent if they would do it. As far as some of the complaints, I agree with you. But given how rushed or unfinished this game appears to be, I can understand why some are complaining. You can tell that it was so by looking at all the unfinished material in the files. Examples....weapon models that weren't used and the reason the EF-111A Raven doesn't show weapons on it's hardpoints is because the AmmoL01, AmmoL02, AmmoR01, and AmmoR02, were never given coordinates on the model. But there are some people who will never be happy. I just fix what I can, where I can and ask for help when I can't figure something out.
  13. How were you able to open the .BIN files? WinRAR won't work like it does with the .PAK files. Also, is there a way to read the .MPACK files other than note/wordpad? Those don't read it well. I got the extractor for the entities.mdl file but cannot open the .BIN files inside. There's a number of files in there, including weapon pack references. I've tried everything I can think of, WinRAR, MagicISO, and some others and it's clearly not an archive or disc image. So HOW do you read the .bin files? :( BTW I'm new here. Just came from the UBI forums where the most modding done seems to be skins. Which I am thankful people are doing.
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