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  1. I have been on the OZ server for rvsa many times. Good server with a decent ping. Glad you guys put it out there.
  2. Every game in the GR series is still being played, albeit in smaller numbers. GRAW2 has upwards of 100 people online at any time of the day with high points reaching much higher. I have migrated to GRAW2 simply because of that but still find times that I crave GRIT or GRAW1 and dive back into the older models or even Rainbow Six for that matter. GRAW2 is under 10 bucks on Amazon so I would say give it a try.
  3. While playing graw2 if I have x-fire on, I get a large black box in the middle of my game screen. Anyone know how to fix this issue???
  4. My favorite graw2 experiences have been playing RVSA. If you are running a server please add some RVSA maps to your line up. It takes much more skill to play than TDM or DM and it requires teamwork as well.
  5. *Name of the clan. Team -HK- *From where (country) USA and UK *What is the general spoken language. English *Clan - Homepage www.hknet.nstars.org *Clan frontman. -HK-Punisher or -HK-Dauntless *What Voice-com used (Ventrilo or Teamspeak) Ventrillo * XFire Yes * What games played. GRAW2, AoC, COD5, AA3, more * Servers in use. YES -HK- is always looking for new friends. We have no ranks just friends who like to play games and talk on vent. Vist us on our forums and register, join us on Vent and get to know us. If you are fun to hang with you will be a member in no time. Ventrillo Address IP: NewYork4.NationVoice.com Port: 4421
  6. Join us on comms. HK is still alive and kdoing well. Forums: www.team-hk.net Ventrillo: IP: NewYork4.NationVoice.com Port: 4421
  7. I cannot speak for other clans but Team -HK- expels any member caught using cheats or modified game files. If proof is shown of the cheating we not only expel them but post the proof for the public to see and share it with other clans. We ban the cheater from our Forums, Ventrillo, and our Server. Alot of the clans out there accept the use of Modified .xml files. We at Team -HK- consider this to be a cheat and do not tolerate it.
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