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  1. Hello lightspeed. Thanks for your hard work and I am excited to try this out. I too, finally gave up on a GR sequel and went searching elsewhere, I stumbled on Project Reality and bought the ARMA 2 CO in preperation for that upcoming release. Then i saw a post about this on the forums of one of the clans I have been playing PR with. The circle is now complete (in my best yoda voice)! I did have a question. On the site armaholic site for this mod it says that the SP and COOP versions are available and then that (SP is coming soon!) Is that a typo. I am hoping that since SP is already
  2. Ok. so I pre ordered GRAW, excitedly installed it on my pc which i had updated for no other reason than to play GRAW when it was released, fiddled around with the SP for a bit while i waited for my Ghost Recon buddies to get their copies and get online.. and waited, and waited. And they never came. I played the MP for a while and really enjoyed it but the majority of my gaming friends at that time either couldnt meet the specs or were caught up in the negativity that surrounded its release. So after a few months i followed them to other fps or played Ghost Recon off and on. Now, being bor
  3. ooh. Could you PLEASE bring gimping back into ghost recon? Having played alot of fps since Ghost Recon thats one thing that i found unique to my ghost recon experience. There haven't been too many more satisfying moments than that of popping someone in the foot with the bizon from a bush near their spawn, and watching them have to gimp all the way across swamp, from red spawn to blue. and i haven't played GRAW2 yet, but if they removed spawn killing, then yes please bring that back.
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