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  1. This might be sound dumb but have you installed the original ghost recon game disc?
  2. Ok I,ve read alot of mixed reviews but is the game any good, after the trouble with OFDR which is now abit more playable thanks largely to work done to it after support was dropped by Codemaster, I am wary of getting it and being disappointed yet again. I am wanting to like it so any feed back would be most welcome.........thanks
  3. I think its time, if you have this game to give it a second chance theres been alot of work done on it by several modders who have brought out good lighting and ai mods aswell as some good single mission and campaign maps, and for those that like their action a bit darker theres even a zombie mod out, so perhaps its time to give the run and gun games a rest and get back to some good old sneaking about
  4. sorry must have missed that bit....
  5. John.... I too tried this map out I was about to finish the map when I got disconnected then a funny thing happened when I connected to another server straight away I found that I was moving around that server in the fast mode I dropped out and rebooted the game and this fixed the problem, I will go through the map again later and see if this reoccours but from the parts I did get completed it is again another superb level I too cannot wait until the tangos appear. Wireman
  6. Am I right in assuming that the map file is password protected, as with both z-zip and win-rar when I try to extract the bundle file I am asked for the password. I would be gratefull if someone could let me know what this is.....thanks.
  7. If you want to witness cheaters try playing battlefield 2 bad company I have been surprised by the amount of games I have played when I have been killed in a suspicious way only for the purpitrator to get kicked for using an aimbot or hack etc the depressing part is that there seems to be no end to the amount of players doing it.
  8. Lets hope the game delivers as Im going to need a huge upgrade to run this and the new generation of up and coming games.
  9. you have to clear all the rooms with the bombs in but after the first one is disarmed the others don,t register as being disarmed then go outside and check the generators I think there are four of them and there is another bomb up above on what looks like some pipes once this is all done collect all the hostages and go to the extraction point.
  10. No surely the best Amiga game was Hired guns
  11. One of the things that bugs me is that you just get into a mission and then the connection is lost oh and the stupid lines that appear when hitting a target and when you are a certain distance away its seems the enemy has become invincible and will take loads of fire without harming them , I normally give up and go round em. but I am still amazed that so few are playing online you can go onto the very first COD game servers and still find a healthy amount playing there.
  12. Is this game that unpopular , as I have noticed no one seems to be playing online specially in coop mode. I know it has issues that need to be addressed but it can still be fun with a few playing coop.
  13. Ok thanks guys for the feedback, I think I will give it a go for the SP side of the game and not expect great things from the MP aspect but hopefully COOP could still be fun.
  14. Ok I have read many reviews, (most mixed about the game) and as my birthday is coming up I would like to know is it a must buy or not....thanks.
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