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  1. What I liked about the flame thrower is that even when the necro has been stasised after using flame on him he continues to burn so you can realisticly use less flame on him just a quick squirt then stasis it and watch em burn, but I agree it is very good against mobs so I am torn between the force gun or flame thower for crowd control, I too couldn,t get to grips with the rivet gun it just seemed puny and have little effect.

    I use a diffferent approach to the first tripod on my hardcore run, I took both pulse rifles and seeker with me and used them so when they ran out of ammo it only took 2 shots with the plasma cutter to finish him off then I got rid of them at the next store and re brought the seeker rifle so got it back with 4 rounds and stocked up on mines via the detonator gun sell and re sell glytch, so that first tripod can be taken out without loss of ammo. :lol:

  2. That was a stroke of luck in the church then, I have allways used the plasma cutter on the tripod and then retreated to the ramp and took out the pack with the force gun as it stops them getting to close to you. I have never got used to the line gun and found it only anygood when fully noded up but the seeker rifle is pretty good even in its basic form, but thats just me I suppose, I think the detonator is a must as it can cover your back and works pretty well in its basic form, and I hate those leapers out of all the necros for some reason I mis time my use of stasis on them and they seem to jump and miss the stasis shot aimed at them, then when they have gotten in close they are deadly, so the battle continues on hardcore but with only 2 saves left there is alot to do :yes:

  3. Ah thanks Wytchdokta its nice to know all this hard work on hardcore won,t be in vain, I just tried carrying on from chap 7 but died in the big room when you meet up with ellie again :( , I think I should have saved after doing the solar array bit so might start again and go on to that part and then save before the big room encounter :D

  4. Im going to attempt a hard core run next week and will probably take the seeker rifle, flame thrower and detonator gun. I know some have mentioned the flame thrower as not a good choice but I have found that there are three or four times during the game that it is very handy when swamped with necros at taking em out, when with another weapon they might have slipped past and got too close for comfort. , I tried one run before and was doing quite well but got killed stupidly in chapter five, so am hoping to avoid repeating that mistake, but the air was blue for some time after that as you can imagine, I shall let you know how it goes :D

  5. Yes WytchDokta it can be done, I found the force gun best for doing it, enter the room run up to the fan so he follows you then stasis him run aound him and fire the force gun at him, this will knock him back either into the fan itself or in to the side of it both of which kill him off, I think its more of a glytch then actuall game play but was fun to do :D

  6. Its no good I have tried several ways to kill the ubermorph, I though it was trapping him under the door when you release it but that didn,t work, and then I thought it might involve the spinning fan and somehow knocking him into it but that too failed so Im stumped now, so would you be kind enough to put me out of my misery and let on how its done :please:

  7. Oh thats strange whenever I have gone back into the room after activating and deactivating the switch all the necros have vanished completely and don,t reappear at all I have even tried it on different hardness levels and its allways the same, but I haven,t tried it on hardcore yet but am hoping it will be the same as it will save alot of hassle when it comes to that part, I didn,t know the ubermorph could be killed I shall have to try it out, I just liked shooting his legs off, and watch him wriggling on the floor :lol:

  8. Im still a lover of the flame thrower when in tight spots, and did you know there is a way to go back through the area without being chased by the ubermorph, after you have been chased to the area where you go down the lift and into the area where there is a door, that leads to the part with the anti gravity switch, don,t bother fighting all the attackers and the ubermorph just run past them all go through the door and activate the switch, and then turn it off, go back into the area you have just been through and all of them have disappeared allowing you to back track all the way to the room with eye drill machine and you can then pick all the goodies up without any hindrance, or you could just do it the hard way and fight em all :lol:

  9. Thanks for the get well messages, the one up side to it all was that I was soon able to sit long enough to play on the pc which I am sure played its part in my recuperation ( the wife might disagree though :lol: ) and have enjoyed catching up with some games and GR mods, so it wasn,t a complete waste of time then :rofl:

  10. Still playing this, in between dead space 2 atm, but it has still stood the test of time and despite the advance in graphics of the newer games, few come close to the quality of the game play that GR has. When you start playing it again it just feels right, and very few games offer the satisfaction you can get for completing a mission, even if you lost a few comrades along the way. Its a pity that theres not many playing online anymore.

  11. I have got to get DS1 now as I am hooked, I,m on chapter 5 atm on normal and I,m sticking with the plasma cutter, pulse rifle the flame thrower which in my opinion is a brilliant weapon for clearing away baddies specially when you get mobbed by those little children things its quite funny watching em burn and scream,and lastly I have the mine laying weapon as its nice to see when they try to sneak up on you that a mine or two laid in the right place can save your ass :lol: most of the weapons are powered right up and my stasis is charged right aswell to give breathing space when under heavy assault.

  12. Wow just finished the full game (on casual mind you) :lol: but that was hard enough specially with that thing following you around near the end, but anyone who hasn,t played is missing out on a good game, going to play again but on normal this time, and probably build up to zealot or hardcore.

  13. Has anyone tried the online play, I am going to have to get a new copy if I wan,t to try it online and was wondering if it was worth it.

    Plus I have just installed the patch and when I went to the place to buy and save items it was full of new suits and weapons, thats some patch :D

  14. Just got hold of this game and am at the part in the church when those things attack but boy do those suckers move fast tried using stasis on them but keep missing lol, would love to give online ago but as my copy is second hand it has allready been registered.....its the last time I ever buy used games :(

  15. After reading your post I got curious so downloaded the demo and gave it a try, I am not usually a big fan of this type of game but I have to say that this is really quite good, with some nice touches and effects, even the cut scenes blended in really nicely,and that Miranda is quite something :lol: .....will definately look out for it in the future.

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