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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I only have the one slot, the rest are pci slots, and I even purchased a new flat monitor so all the leads are new and work fine when using integrated graphics chip. I haven,t tried cleaning the pci slot but have tried cleaning the card part that goes into the slot so will try to actually clean out the slot with cleaning solution, as it looks like it will have to be a new mobo I haven,t anything to lose, I have had the computer apart and put back again so many times now so any warranty is well null and void, I keep hoping the dog will pee on it so I can claim from insurance :lol:

  2. I have been having problems with loss of signal to the monitor and screen flashing, I had the computer checked out and through a process of elimination and trying different card and monitor now think the problem is being caused by the slot the card sits in. Is it possible to get these repaired or does anyone know of anything I could try to stop this from happening. The card seems to reseat ok when put back in and will run fine for a while but then it will lose signal again, I have tried running extra fans on it to make sure it is not overheating which it isn,t, and when a different card was tried it did the same thing,so now I am having to use the integrated graphics chip on the mobo to run the computer and it runs just fine, but cannot handle modern games.

    Any help on this would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks.

  3. Luckily I was able to try out coop, but my gold subscription has run out so will concentrate on the single play until I can persuade the missus to let me get gold again :fingersx: but I am liking the game play so far so looking forward to the release. The one thing I did notice was that they have cut down the amount of weapons that can be carried, hope this doesn,t spoil the action.

  4. sorry Wytch so far not been tempted over to the xbox im pc through and through sad i know, dont suppose they will tempt us with a demo some time, lets hope they get the balance right with this coop mode and dont spoil a good game as has been done with other titles too many times :fingersx:

  5. I really hope there is going to be some sort of co-op option when this is released it would be the cherry on the cake of a much awaited third installment, blasting necros with a partner is just what it needs to make it even more fun. I for one cannot wait for its release lets hope its not too long until then. :)

  6. Graw 2 is crashing after installing this map upon startup, here is the deatils of crash log, the game usually runs fine with no problems and I have tried down loading from another site but still get the same problem. When map is removed it runs ok again and I have the game fully patched up, any thoughts and help would be appreciated, many thanks.

    Crash in application version: 0.3048

    Custom level bundle coop_mexbob_ahumada_v2 contains an invalid file path

  7. my apologies I thought you were doing a zealot run which you can do from a saved completed game, not a hardcore run, any way just been playing around and have found a mod that unlocks the previously locked doors in the game so you do not have to have the save from DS ignition, have tred it out and it works, it means changing the dat files and renaming some others, and it came with a cleared hardcore save so its the easy way to get the glove, :lol: but i will still complete a proper hardcore run

  8. Ah I didn,t know that, the good thing about taking on the pack though is that they leave behind alot of goodies, and talking of funny things sometimes a necro will spawn on the walkway in the first part of chap 2 so when you revisit that area, it comes to life and tries to run the wrong way up the walkway, the last time it did this I stood at the end of the walkway and just kept squirting it with the flame thrower which would knock it back and it would struggle up it again, repeat until it keels over :rofl:

    That was a nice find in the play room in the vents which has got me wondering if there are any more hidden goodies, trouble is surely you can,t shoot out every vent or you would soon run out of ammo looking. I also find that the dark coloured suitcases are good to use against necros and will take them out pretty quickly.

  9. i have found that the first part up to the bit where you crawl through to start of chapter 2 is pretty straight forward anyway. you can complete it with only shooting once at the necro on the bed once to bring the door down when window has blown out and I now take the two pulse rifles to deal with the first tripod. This saves me quite a bit of plasma ammo I,ve had to do it so many times on run throughs in hard core I could probably do it in my sleep by now :lol:

  10. I haven,t tried shooting the birds yet :lol: another good thing about flame thrower is that for just a few nodes about 6 I think, will take you to decent amount of damage and capacity for it, when it is fully charged up with full damage etc it is quite a formidable weapon, and it is easy to keep on flaming thinking their not dead when they really are, so I just use short bursts until I see them drop their goodies, its also worth while trying to keep the babies as weapons as one hit from them is usually enough to take out a necro, just stun the baby with a case or box, pick it up and enjoy the fireworks :yes:

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