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  1. Name: OZ*OutlawZ From: Germany Language: german Clan - Homepage: oz.dawaroom.net Clan frontman: OZ*XcrossX[Dux], OZ*Icke[Dux], OZ*Nordmann[Dux] Voice-com: Teamspeak Games: GRAW2 Servers: 7 different servers e.g. DM, public[TDM, HH, S maps running there], RVSA, coop, Coop-standard, Warzone, custom OZ*OutlawZ was founded on Sept., 9th 2008 as a graw2-clan by a fusion of *one and -MIS-clan. Today we have 23 full members, 4 trials and 1 inactive member. We use TS for communication. Feel free to visit and register on our page: oz.dawaroom.net
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