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  1. Of course they can, and they'll probably have a 'no explosives' setting for multiplayer. Well, at least I hope they will. Just in case all the new rockets and crap are a bit much.
  2. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/106/1067168p1.html
  3. GRAW, the original. For me was where I made many of the lasting friendships on xbox live that I still maintain today. It was also, in my opinion the 360's first blockbuster at least in the shooter category. I can remember countless nights spent into the wee hours bustin ass on that game. It forced people to use team work and strategy to their fullest capabilities. With the release of GRAW 2, came other advances in the game industry and GRAW for many gamers, myself included lost a little of its appeal. It just wasn't as exciting as the first Gears was at the time. I still tried to play every now and then. But most of my friends had moved on or just got bored w/ it. I love GRAW. I would like to see this game rebuilt completely from the ground up. Screw it, revolutionize the hell out of it. Sure some die hards might get P.O'ed but hey, if this game is going to indure it must be reinvisioned. Even more so than Splinter Cell if you ask me. I like what their trying to do with Splinter Cell. But GRAW needs it even more so. One example of this it the old aiming and the sluggishness of it. Primary example of this is the following: two players suddenly run right past each other. Both players stop and begin the ever so slow task of doing a complete 180 degree turn...Point being, sensitivity on this game needs to be boosted way up. Graphicly this game needs to be improved by leaps and bounds over all. Despite the game being beautiful for its day. By todays standards GRAW one and two both look like cartoons. Lets see a sprint feature. Face it people, real people , even your fat mother in-law are able to sprint for short distances.....And besides that its generally becoming a standard feature in modern shooters these days. There needs to be as much as I hate to say, some sort of match making system. You guys can still keep the public lobbies. But for those of us who don't enjoy listening to random redneck babble for hours on end. Match making may be the way to go. And who hasn't been kicked for killing the host one too many times. Sound has always been one of my sticking points when it comes to most games. Most games sound work, are sub par at best. The first GRAW had excellent sound work. I mean you could get shot in the head by an opponent and I swear to God, with just a decent surround sound system it felt like that bullet literally impacted your forehead. You could always approaxamate an enemies position by the sound it was great sound work. GRAW 2 however, not so much. I have alot of other opinions on how to improve this game and make it a competitor against games like Modern Warfare 2. But maybe next time. I have to go back to work. You guys have a good one. TuFfLuV EsD
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