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  1. Of course they can, and they'll probably have a 'no explosives' setting for multiplayer. Well, at least I hope they will. Just in case all the new rockets and crap are a bit much.
  2. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/106/1067168p1.html
  3. GRAW, the original. For me was where I made many of the lasting friendships on xbox live that I still maintain today. It was also, in my opinion the 360's first blockbuster at least in the shooter category. I can remember countless nights spent into the wee hours bustin ass on that game. It forced people to use team work and strategy to their fullest capabilities. With the release of GRAW 2, came other advances in the game industry and GRAW for many gamers, myself included lost a little of its appeal. It just wasn't as exciting as the first Gears was at the time. I still tried to play every
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