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  1. **Update** I thought about this thread more and more and would like to update a few of my personal oppinions.... Boot up the Multiplayer to 16 vs 16 with NO AI (though it works for flashpoint sometimes, it still is not the best rought yet) um..... I would love if ghost recon went back to its roots as a realistic tactical shooter....
  2. This is my first post so..... Storyline Have it set around 2017-18 in some middle eastern country (counter terrorism) ,south america (stop drug trafficing by assasinating drug lords) or maybe Darfour (bring peace). Try to end the game to where it flows into the events of END WAR. Gameplay DO NOT HAVE A COVER SYSTEM. it makes the game feel more like an arcade game do not rely as much on gadgets have more open world maps (forest/desert) as well as urban maps go prone First person lean feature instead of cover do not have imaginary weapons (MRC) stick with SCAR, M16a4, Etc. Smarter AI Multiplayer 10v10 or 8v8 with random AI surprise me.... maybe even have "hot spots" that are around the world that your team can drop into and play against AI or players.......... In conclusion that is what a want in a sequel to ghost recon.
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