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  1. Hi, i need help,in GR:AW2 because i have a mod weapons in Local folder, but i can't join some servers online cuz it says i got altered files detected, is there any way to put this mod in a bundle or something? Thx
  2. Hi mate Do u know how show enemy markers? i mean red diamonds show me the enemy position all the time. thx Lightwarrior
  3. Hi zero, are u saying, that this cheat, is available for multiplayer too? Lightwarrior
  4. Hi lauris By ur question i think u mean mark a anemy, the red diamonds..i don't know how ..i'm searching about it but i don't find nothing..i'll give u my msn if u want talk whit me and if u know something tell me plz. Cheers , Lightwarrior.
  5. Thx guy, i'll do that in the sb_global folder inside the patch.bundle muahaha and if i change some setting will affect this to multiplayer online? i need help about how configure the multiplayer options plz Lightwarrior
  6. hi mate, i've found 2 files called sb_global.xml, one in quick.bundle and other in patch.bundle, but which must i change for god mode works? thx u anyway
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