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  1. Crap Sad because I had better performance on this drivers.. Xtraclip --> 160.02 are for Vista from what I know (I'm still on good old XP).
  2. Anyone checked already those drivers? Are there still crashes ingame like in beta 162.18 drivers?
  3. To the scope sway and slower scope up time I would add one more thing, lack of reticule without zooming. I doubt that someone in real fight will shoot without upping to the shoulder with .50 cal.
  4. Well about weapons.. personally I prefer SCAR-L with front grip. Devs should in my opinion make two changes: - limit gl ammo to two nades or even one (this should stop this crazy spam nading); - change speed when running/walking - it should depend of how many pounds you are wearing with (this will reward players who don't want to run with gl under his gun or with submachine gun).
  5. Anyway back to the main case..GRIN what You say about this idea? Is it chance that these maps will be converted to HH, should we wait? RAbbi --> there is one game (which I know) that is downloading necessary files from server - Half-Life & all games on this engine. Of course you can select on/off this option as an admin.
  6. Well now we have 3 small maps, we need more for not be bored after 30min of playing. I think that maybe GRIN can convert all DOM maps to HH mode too. IMO these maps will be good for HH mode. maybe with little changes on some. This shouldn't take too much time, just scripting..?
  7. Let's not call it AA shall we, cuz it's not. It's more like a "Blur-o-rama post effect" Still....it's there...how's the perfomance hit anyway ? That's why I wrote 'antyaliasing' I didn't note special fps drop when using this option, maybe 2-5 fps, but still it's only some blur effect so it can't cause much fps drop.
  8. Imo 'antialiasing' thing is useless, still jaggies but on whole screen is horrible blur - look at pics. http://cert-clan.com/board/index.php?act=A...ost&id=1820 - with aa http://cert-clan.com/board/index.php?act=A...ost&id=1821 - without
  9. I'm talking here about weapon kickback, reticule the same position when shooting - it should go up... even XM8 gives a kickback when shooting.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTSaFt1sYbE Fix M249 recoil..
  11. Can you post your xml? I just bought 7900GTX with 2x1gb and I'm still trying to improve performance. I have average 30fps in mp but sometimes it's falling to 18fps! @ 1280x960 all high anisox8.
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