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  1. Actually, they sound great in both, but UBI shouldve turned the sounds up alot louder, I made a sound mod Armed Assault, here is a clip of one: Depending on the suroundings the weapon should have a slight punchiness to it. But since in GRAW , most of the battle areas have lots of suroundings there should be more echo and be louder. So far its the closest, I want to change the sound efects mself but I dont know how to do taht in GRAW.
  2. Ahhh ok, is there a mirror for the Mod? Or is it still in Beta stage? I have GRAW 2 now, can I do the same for that as well as u mentioned above?
  3. Is there a GRAW mod that has altered the AI to where the AI behaves a little more human like? And expecially because they seem the hit even from far away, they get you all the time, they seem to have super sniper abilites/.
  4. You mean you can editit existing maps, like say, the Downtown and or Warehouse? I don't need 3DMax 7? its way expensive.
  5. Thanks Distuna, yeah, I might maybe buy this ultraedit.
  6. I have a couple of quick questions so please bear with me: 1) Do i need UltraEdit (in which im using the trial version right now)or can I just use notepad? 2) Now, to know what other wave samples are since each one has a few other samples that are of the same origin but of a different label, how can we find out which one is used for what? Cuz since there is end_reverb_1 and end_reverb_2 and such , how do we know how long is what, or which one is for what?
  7. YEEEAHHH!! I DID IT!!!! *runs down the street screaming then gets hit by car* So thats why he sounds that way? So they arent always grouchy?
  8. I did read that also but someone else had said I needed to use ogg.
  9. Sorrreee, I didnt know game developers were that egotistical and grouchy that a request for clarification by devoted fans is so down right a waste of your precious time, gee, that really attracts alot of would be fans ,like you care. I did read your thread over and over again and I'm sorry there are some people like me who arent educated enough in computer programing cause a life outside of playing games is more important and we may have a few problems deciphering certain step by step procedures due to maybe ADD or other , that a more alternate way of explaining them shouldnt be too much to ask for. if you're going to be that arrogant then I apologize for bothering you. Ok you never explained anything that said its imperative that you USE a "certain" program for the xml, except that YOU use UltraEdit and that you also use ADPCM, of course you said that we need to place the sounds or wave sounds into a specific folder but its very vague to me since we cant repack them, and I still do not know if the xml provided in the game is whats going to call for the sounds or if we need to make another xml, (which I did but didnt work either). I'm sure I'll have more questins and you 'll probably get all mad and impatient from this post that you'll flame me to the T and then close it.....if you have time to do that either.
  10. Ok, I'm still not getting it to work yet. Am I supposed to delete the sound bank thats in the data/sound/weapon/grenade folder? im trying to change the grenade sound) Or do I put a copy of the sound/weapon/grenade and put it into the local/english/sound/weapons/grenade ? Or do I stick the new copy of the grenade_wav.xml into it? Or do I make another grenade_wav.bank and stick it into the folder, or one of the folders. I'm lost.
  11. Ok, hopefully you're on today. um....so I'm not going to repack anything right? And these sound files, are they supposed to be ogg. or wav. ? And am I going to copy the xml layout and paste to a notepad or word pad document? I'm not quite understanding that part. Notepad is ok to use right? Cause I notice you mentioned UltraEdit and was wondering if I needed that as well, or if notepad would do.
  12. Ok, what I 'm trying to do now is , I used the bundle tool and unbundled the sound banks to check out the xml names there. I notice that they are different than the ones declared in the sound/settings "xml documents" file. Ok, so im trying that. Am I getting warmer? I am going by your previous tutorial in sounds.
  13. OK, here's what I did; I created some new sound waves, named them exactly like the name under the xml list, I then changed them to wma or wave because the ogg format didnt work. (unless I put the ogg files into the local/english/sound folder, which i havent tried yet) and then stuck them into local/english/sound folder I created. I have them in both that and in the data/sound/weapon folders that the sound corresponds to. Still I do not hear a change in sounds. Is there something Im doing wrong here?
  14. There is a Development member that cares!!! Thanks desmond!
  15. Where can I find these list of weapon sounds and explosions?
  16. I'm also wanting to replace some sound effects that are sorta inaccurate. Is this the same procedure in changing the weapon s0unds with new ones?
  17. But will I need that fancy 3D tool, the one that cost over 3 grand? Or what is that 3dmax "something" tool? Something like that. Thanks NoQuarter.
  18. Rpghard, is there any good suggestions you can give me on making a map? I've trying to get a jist of it but the way the GRAW editor tutorial explains is too brain racking. All I want to do is add some streets to some pre-existing terrain and some objects or buildings and folage. Wow, a Pemex gas station was added heh.
  19. I'm finding it hard to understand the map editor. ALl i want to do is use some exising map or terrain layout and either alter the ground or add streets or street, and just add objects and stuff. The tutorial is just too technical, although , its better that the tut is technical or in depth in a sense but not to where it doesnt get you anywhere, except explain peripherals.
  20. Yeah, I have the same problem now, I was using Cable internet , now I switched over to AT&T just a little while ago and now i cannot connect, same error messege. I 'm assuming its a firewall provided by SBC/AT&T, although, I am still able to connect to SWAT4 servers. I was able to connect to GRAW servers with Cable.
  21. I was wondering, I have some custom sounds to throw into GRAW, some of the weapon sounds, explosion, bullet and such need some replacing, for my own luxury. Is this procedure about the same as it is for making music or other custom sound loops?
  22. Well I have been able to extract the sounds but now, re-packing them, I'm still trying to find out.
  23. Where can one get this 3dsmax 7 from? I'd like to make a map, even if it involves just chosing a terrain and using the objects provided. Is that possible?
  24. Ahah!! I did not think of that, as I do have TrendMicro on... Iwill try it. Thanks.
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