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  1. This is more like trainer than mod - but it's and awesome.
  2. Jep, solid game here to;) For me too. Solid game i can confirm. When i recorded it for my video guide (game can be beatable by 1 player - proved by me ) - it works like a charm. When i've played with friends - works stable. But on the other hard a can understand people when they say they have some problems with it, because one of my friends had few small crashes sometimes. I think it depends on the machine, system and installed applications, drivers etc. how GRAW behave... or maybe not Most of "configurations" are tolerated, but few percent are not. That is what i think of it. We must remember it's old game, and setting "compatibility with Windows XP" IS NOT a native Windows XP.
  3. Well... it's not sure... If you choose right path (terminal or whatever) which is solution to kill all Synthetics (as i remember well) there is a 5 second short animation and at the end of it... Shepard chest is taking fast breath. So i don't think this is the end of our Galactic Hero But, i personally looking forward new Mass Effect games - new trilogy maybe
  4. R.I.P Tom, we will miss you...
  5. in full support ! Game is buged as hell... Patch 1.4 ?? We will see about it...
  6. and again Steam user: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024519246/
  7. Steam user: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024519246/ good luck to all
  8. Thought, that would have more things taken into consideration when counting - as accuracy, time - and that came out just about points. Next time - maybe - we do not be so easily fooled - greetings to all teams participating.
  9. So... i have a little supprise for you guys Do you remember Mission 4 with suicide terrorists ?? Then just watch - i'm bad, say that This is not a replay, I've played live, you can see that on team sign - it's blue, on replay will be as other HUD. With the replay will be no problem Rocky, i've just send it to you And there is a one thing more, me and my mate have some objections to mission 2... i will write about it later.
  10. [edited - will be posted later] Rocky, can i make the movie to mission 4 you've watched on YT as publish ?? I suppose i can
  11. Good news, i'm still waiting for it
  12. Hi guys, i almost end mounted video of our games from the first mission. I don't want to publish it, before oficially tournament first mission is over. Because: 1. spoilers (how to pass mission) 2. i dont want to be my team disqualified >.> 3. i'm not sure if this will not brake the rules of tournament. So, when can i send it to YT if ever I
  13. I have a question: what is the "deadline" to post the screen shot on Facebook board ?? Before second mission will be published ? Or maybe 'til "Thursday 23:59"
  14. Okay, if it's not too late i want to sign in myself and my friend: Team: Frostbite Members: FB.Husar and FB.Leviathan
  15. This is true, inspired by the Versus mode of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. I know about this project for a long time, but sparsely to develop work on it, and what as I know - a lot of players, or even clans waiting for this production, because VERSUS in SC: CT has died ... A handful of people still in the game, the strange thing is that Ubisoft is not yet closed the global server ...
  16. Ok, case is solved - thanks to Tom, which e-mailed with me So, if anyone is interested of Tom's Advanced Warfighter Maps - will find them in package at this link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20050854/AW_MapPack_7z# Thanks all for help \
  17. Many thanks for fixed link John About AW08 - i found this topic on GR.net forum - it's very old, i know... the link to Shadow Company Elite is working, but they do not have any Download section, so i suppose - in this new site version they decided to erase it. I'll try to contact with them, maybe they have this missing map You never know If i'll get any info - or map - i'll give you a tip
  18. Hi all, I ask you for help in finding AW maps. I've already found most of them - AW01, AW02, AW03, AW04, AW05, AW06, AW07, AW10 and versions of AW01 and AW10 in OGR Cooperative, but as you see - two of those maps are still missing in on my list: AW08 and AW09. I found AW09 on ghostrecon.net but link is broken (reported), and AW08 is not at all. So, if any one have these maps, please upload them somewhere and give a link to download. If you will, after gathering all the maps, I can pack up and move somewhere on the server to download. Thanks for any help
  19. Tinker, thank you for answer Good to know, that mod is still in progress. Yap, i know that not many people play in old GR, but there are still groups of people who love this game and still plaing in it I can not wait to see the effect your work. cheers
  20. hi, I just asking - whether the work is still underway? And if "yes" when do you expect to publish the mod
  21. hi, jfmitch Before the mission you can choose ZEUS ??
  22. OMG, can't wait - give it to me
  23. it is located just to the right of the download button Hang tight, We'll get it re-uploaded ASAP ..... [edit] OK, the file has been uploaded and D/L is now working again damn i missed this... i think that's because all mod links which i wanted to download always worked and i didn't need to use "report" oh, well i remember this for future. Anyway - big thanks for re-update mod
  24. As in title... Any download links are broken from main download page of this mod on ghostrecon.net - coz all links are directed to filefront.com which is not hosting this mod anymore... If anyone have it, please host it and give me a tip in this topic and dont forget about patch Thanks a lot
  25. Sure, no problem My friend share his filefront account and uploaded converted sound's from GRPA 4.1 Mod: here you go direct download link to grpa 4.1 soundfix pack. After download just unzip folder inside the archive to GRPA 4.1 Mod directory
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