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  1. I have some custom models and want to get them in the GRAW editor. Any info would be awesome thanks. Can you also get other diesel files into the editor and how?
  2. Yeah I got the same error.... Try the the beta 2.1 that error should be resolved......
  3. I have an optimized version coming out later tonight with all new enemy ai placement and spawning. ALso less ai friendly support members.
  4. Did you wait a little bit or did you force quit it. You might have to wait a little bit. even if it says not responding..... Hey Rahn Here are some things you can try. Personally have not tried it with Bret's mod 1) try unbundling it and place the assault_warfare folder in the c:/programs/Ubi/Graw2/data/levels/custom_levels folder " assault_warfare folder goes in here" 2)try making a folder inside mods and also custom levels. drag your other mods and bundles into this temp folder and try assault warfare. if still not working you may have to reinstall Graw 2. I just did last week because my narcom videos stopped playing. 3)if you installed a previous version bundle .did you throw away the older bundle before installing the new one? 4) try the new 2.0 beta you might have gotten the older version of 2.0 Let me know what happens. How much Ram do you have? you might wanna wait for my new version . New layout. added new buildings. Rescripted all the ai enemy and their ai points and cover points. Removed even more models/units that were in the map that were not being seen by the player. Hey Rahn I justed tested it on my xp system and vista and it's working fine.... Try download again because I swapped the bundle for another one yesterday and you might have gotten the 1st 2.0 I'm running the second version that is up on my file share now
  5. Did You Install the 2.0 Bundle or 1.4. What OS are you running. Can You unbundle and try in your c:/programs/ubisoft/graw2/custom_levels folder What specs are you running? Version 2.0 in scripting not in version of the game....... I removed hundreds of units and objetcs that were not visable to the 1st person cam to improve overall gameplay. 1.4 required multicore processor and tons of ram. In 2.0 version I also removed all ageia physics models. Let me know and we''ll get it to work. I tried on multiple computers so It should work. Can't..ID Yeah it's actually the scripting version number and not the version of the game ( part 2 or anything) Thanks for the advice I 'll clear things up thanks.... Also I put a new 2.0 link up and it should work. Much bettter than 1.4 scripting version..... Made ai teams smaller and also have ai friendly scripted ai assistance.
  6. [Thread merged with your existing one (Again!) ]
  7. Dear, Fellow shooters and gamers, modders........ I found a bug while beta testing the level last night..... I had 3 Charlie teams in the command list and 3 Foxtrots. I checked the code and found a event that activated and trigger twice . I resolved and will release a 1.5 version shortly. Can't
  8. [post moved to 1st post] [Thread merged with your existing one (Again!) ]
  9. I'm not sure how I did it It just happened. I did'nt even notice it till you mentioned it. You can get my bundle and check out the scripts....
  10. Welcome to the GRAW 2 editor ...... 3DsStudio Max it.
  11. I was playing around with it and got the little bird to show up in the on screen command list as little bird (keypad) 5 when I hit 5 to bring up the command menu I get this error """" Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\extensions\hud\hudorders.dsf(-1): cant find member: iterator in type <void> Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded """"" has anyone seen this or know how to resolve thanks..... I'm running vista so I'm going to try to migrate files for map to main graw2 install location. -Vista has 3 ways to play your level 1) in the user folder c:/users/"My User Name"/AppData (invisible folder)/Local/GRAW2/data/levels/custom_levels/"Your Mission folder"(Here) 2)in the Graw 2 install folder then data folder c:/program files/ubisoft/graw2/data/levels/custom_levels/"Your Mission folder"(Here) 3)a bundle in the the custom_levels folder c:/program files/ubisoft/graw2/custom_levels/"Your Bundle goes" (Here)
  12. The scripting manual says to use (SetCanTakeOrders) element type I tried it and it did not work is there something else that is required?
  13. http://www.postmyimage.com/viewimage.php?f...gesyId79245.png
  14. Nice 3rd person mod and weapons mods homie. givin u some "props "get it.... You think we can take a counter strike source skin from FPS Banana take a terrorist model then in PSD clone paint from CS model texture to GRAW model texture..... Is this possible and how hard would it be . I also loved the city with building like in GRAW 1 Xbox 360 or pc Is there a way to get all the models from Graw 1 editor One into the EDITOR....? This website needs a props, model section/download. Does anyone know how to make a 3d studio MAx model appear in the GRAW 2 editor as a unit/prop/ item to place and use in the game. Also is there a way to change xml in the game files to make one of the friendly ai models take on the characteristics and ai of an enemy solder? I play all the 1st person shooters out there...... COD 5 WOW Nazi Zom., R6V 2, COD 4 MF, James Bond, Arma, Op flashpt, etc ..... this game is definetly the best tactical ..... wish more people played this instead of COD and CSS , it would also be awesome if we could program the ai like vale did with Counterstrike POD bot and make a multiplayer GRAW 2 game with bots that are as good as CS sources bots.... the new Flashpoint and Arma look insane, and I prob. move to that editor next and pump out the 1st content for that game series ..... but wait till march 2010 GRAW 3 ( Ghost Recon 4) comes out...... Is there a way to put a baklava (face mask) on the model without painting it on and just using the one in the game from multiplayer?
  15. Is it possible to mod a cover system Combination of 1st person View and also 3rd person back to the wall or face to the wall and 3rd person lean cam angle when leaning around corner , blind fire, into the game like Rainbow six vegas or Graw 2 XB 360 , iex Gears of war, James Bond Quantum of Solace etc.....?
  16. graw 2 multiplayer model iex. sniper with baklava mask or other customized character into single player and command them like loyalist in bogies mission????or even make them have enemy ai characteristics. we can make a mission where the Ghost have turned on the military and gone rogue.....
  17. davros'. Your a cool dude all caring bout the community and all. For some reason in Vista I have tried your batch and downloads for opening the map in its own folder ,bundling and unbundling also does not work. So I went online and found this graw 2 bundler tool. It works great. There's a button to make a bundle open a bundle and save a bundle. It works great for vista users, and if you want it I have it where my files hare is.That is how I was able pack and unpack the bundles to make this map. Im trying to figure a way to open the editor with my new map name but it only works opening the world .xml folder. so I have to make the map and put my newmaps files in the world.xml folder. when done then change folder name and links in xml. This is the only way I can make a map in vista.I also have other computers here 1 that runs xp and your stuff works fine so it is definitely a Vista thang.
  18. Thanks Dav Your wiki helped a lot I'm thinking of making some tutorials for vista users and also focuses on singleplayer /campaign since there nothing out there on it but the pdf's from ubi
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