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  1. ADDED NEW TEAM NAMES OPTIMIZED THE LEVEL AND MISSION SCRIPT AND WORLD. VIDEOS: NEW! CONTROL 5 TEAMs GAMEPLAY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt2Ad37RWLk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znw_Eh0MfcU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aSAbeYKrEU...feature=related
  2. 2012 http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810045661/video/14045555 [Post split from an apparently completely unrelated thread, Retitled and Moved to correct forum]
  3. Someone needs to make a mission on this...... http://thehurtlocker-movie.com/ [thread retitled and moved to correct forum]
  4. I was just checking out the New Modern Warfare 1st Mission Play Through. Don't get me wrong it's sick as hell but it seems it's all scripted. like follow the ai leader. Like Infinity ward is holding your hand the entire mission through.Do you guys prefer AI that is scripted like COD or Unscripted Like GRAW 2 where you can control them (FRiendly AI). My level sort of has both. AI team members you can control and also members that move to different location change behaviors in a scripted fashion. My next map I wanna introduce a feature where you can control the team members in battle but when moving through slow spots have the ai scripted like a true CQB Squad. 1 man moves to the corner covers,activates a trigger for the next guy who moves past him then covers ahead ( 10 meters). 3rd guy moves forward to cover then intiates contact moves back while man 2 holding 1st position then shoots the hell out of the enemy trying to chase man 3 who is moving back now because of the script. M.O.U.T Tactics like this video Must see! MW2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE6mbWhFXa8...feature=related MOUT I prefer both. I feel scripted gives you that movie/Hollywood feel. yet I think Infinity Ward over uses it. Yet Non- scripted gives you more interactivity with your team, I feel it is more realistic, Tactical, and a feeling of power..... What do you guys prefer? http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=52464
  5. thx Roc, It get way more insaner too... watch out for the level CRZY(8) Cyborgs Sorry Cant, I just checked your code again (v2.2) and you did set the coop to true, I didn't see the third "AddInsertion" line my mistake John Ok I thought I did'nt and made a new version.... I could only get it to show in the campaign server mode. Icould not see it in the normal coop server mode. I tried playing my new version today and could not join the single play campaign. checked code and found that all were set to true(spawns that is) so I have a new 2.3 that includes fixes this so that Single and coop can play now. http://www.4shared.com/file/113706618/15ff...TCD_BETA_2.html Was thinking bout adding in some a friendly sniper ai support team with a Sniper & Spotter and Recon/Assault CQB Flank unit to cover the sniper teams flank and CQB area. They would be the 4 loyalist group with a different look.
  6. Thanks again John. I added the option for server Campaign Play. So team up with some buddies and concentrate that fire on those CYBORGS. Seems like it plays smoother on the server campaign and the Captain can control my Rogue UNIT Ai teams on the server. I also put together a video that shows some of the tactics and ways to kill the cyborgs with the AI team members. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BETA 2.2 with COOP CAMPAIGN ENABLED: http://www.4shared.com/file/113600302/4cd9...A_2_2_Coop.html ROGUE CYBORG TACTICS: Video to show cyborg killing tactics........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aSAbeYKrEU
  7. Thanks J, I need to make a video on how to kill the Cyborgs. You can definetly kill them. The normal GRAW stratedgy wont cut it here. You gotta shoot and move like NAZI ZOMBIES.You have to have your teammates help and all concentrate fire on them. Or use the Barrett. You have to shoot and move to cover. I was able to almost finish it. But there is a big surprise at the end. This is tactical survival OGR_ MOD. I could have sworn I made a coop set to true. No prob. i'll just release it in the 2.3 version. Because with coop it would be easier.
  8. SeiK, You can make extra groups but you'll have to change all the xmls to make them work in the game. Your best bet is to modify a friendly model's texture so that character looks the way you like it and then use the original character name(for example: 1)paint up the marine texture. 2) then place the human marine squad in the editor/world. make sure it is set to us marine squad 3) then you have to use the SetPlayerControl element to make them show up in the command menu. =--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SetPlayerControlled Element This element is used to enable or disable groups to follow or take orders from the player team. It can also set a destination vehicle for the group, which will disable the player control when the group gets close that that vehicle. <element type=â€SetPlayerControlled†group_id=â€group_01†value=â€trueâ€/> <element type=â€SetPlayerControlled†group_id=â€group_01†value=â€true†group_localize_id=â€support_us_marinesâ€/> type: SetPlayerControlled group_id: Name of group to add or remove from player control. value: Which mode to set, “true†or “falseâ€. Optional attributes: group_localize_id: Name of string to show in order list.
  9. Hey Seik, edit the file in the quick bundle: data/textures/atlas_characters/mex_sf/diffuse/diffuse_set0/atlas.dds
  10. Since your using BretZ mod I'm not sure how he set up his texture name. I looked in the bretz mod folders once and noticed he had a bunch of custom names so the best thing to do is keep looking for other dds that shows the same face your trying to edit.
  11. Id need a little more info to help u out homie... what program are u using. what file format (iex. .dds Do you have the .dds plug in for photoshop?
  12. I 've never experienced the issue with the "Z" key rate of fire button crashing the game. Even on 5 different PC's running XP and Vista. It gotta be your GRAW 2 install OS or Hardware.....
  13. I discontinued the 1st version Gridlocked LZ.... However they put it in the campaign section of the downloads. That was my 1st map. I really designed it for single play. I will include the coop spawn in the new map for coop campaign play. Thanks
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