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  1. Forget that. It turns out that its already part of Brettzie's superb weapons pack. Brilliant.
  2. That link now opens to File Front's home page. Can't find the mission anywhere now. I had downloaded and played it but I lost everything when my PC crashed the other night. Any help would be nice. General Obi1
  3. This sounds like a good mod, making the game's toughest mission even tougher. Can it be run with Brettzies weapons pack? Would I have to place the mission 03 xml file into Brettzie's wp folder instead of local/english/levels because the wp mod seems to bypass the local/english folder completely. If you're making mods for all the missions I'd like to be able to return to the chopper for reloads or refits in Mayday! before it finally takes off after I kill all the ADATs. Keep it up. GenOB1
  4. Yep, that did the trick. Super mod. Kudos. The DPM mod, however, only added the British pattern to the Barret, LMG and SCAR, not to the soldiers. No biggy. How can I run the VIP 2 Redux mod with this pack? As I understand it, your weapons packs launch a completely new version of the game ignoring or bypassing the local/english folder and its contents. Should I put the Mission 3 xml mod into your weapon pack folder somewhere? Again, many, many thanks for breathing new life into an old but great game. General OB1
  5. First off I'm new to this site but a great fan of Clancy's games. GRAW is brilliant. In many ways better than GRAW2 in my opinion. Anyway, I installed the unbundled version of this superb mod on G2 adn was very impressed. I had been running G1 with DPM camo (I'm British and served 12 years in the Brit Army) plus the SCAR mod. No probs. I then uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled it updating to 1.20. I then installed this mod wp 5.0 It fails to load. Here is the crash message: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.20 data\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\ghostai onfo
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