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  1. yes of course i could but i cant download brettzies mod because i only have a 1 gig cap that is suppose to last me the month so that seriously sucks,but maybe i will download it sometime if i have about 200mb at the end of the month so it will come,,see if you ask me to retexture anything in the original game i'll do it,and im free!!!! btw:do you have a gtx 260 to run at that res? oh and if i get a EVGA GTX 260 superclocked will i run at my monitor's max resolution?1680x1050?
  2. truth be told i would have done this for you a long time ago,but brettzies files is too big for me,i only got a 1 gig cap for a whole month
  3. yeah im honored but there is one problem,i can only retexture stuff but not create new models but there is a upside,i can retexture anything so any retexturing jobs,for me
  4. hey guys im so bored and i need something to do or mod,cant you guys give me ideas for cool guns and clothing retexturing?
  5. oh ok now i know,its almost like a texture basicly
  6. whenever i mod guns and stuff i get difused or something and the bump_set and i just want to know what is the bump set used for?
  7. sorry i cant download because i only got a 1 gig cap a month and my father gets angry then if i use alot...but will it work with a gtx 260 if so i can just get the latest drivers from the nag cd's
  8. hes doing it himself...he'll get it right he is very smart i know...anyway im getting a gtx 260 now because its a 100$ cheaper so it will max out graw 2 right,physx xtreme?...oh this is totally off topic but can you tell me the difference between physx normal and physx extreme...maybe some screenies or just explination because i dont know the difference...
  9. zomg its like a dream, new pc v2 my dad says hes gonna get me 4 gig ddr2 ram,intel i7 core 2 QUAD 2.66ghz cpu and a geforce 8800gt 1 gig version...this good for maxxed out gameplay oh and does a gtx275 have physx extreme...should i rather get a gtx275 oh and on a game's preview it said...physx only on 9800gtx or higher...is gtx275 'higher'?
  10. ok i hope it works maxxed out at 30fps oh and gladly join but please dont kick me just because my ping is 600...is that cool with you?
  11. ok thats my stupidity lol...this card has got a 4000mhz shader clock...what does that mean?
  12. ok one more thing...in the description of the cars it says speed=1.6ghz...does that mean it adds 1.6ghz speed to your cpu...for example...if you have a base of 1.6...it adds up to 3.2...thats what i think but can you please tell me...i am ussualy wrong XD
  13. ummm...guilty...thanks cuz i like fair play...thanks again
  14. you see thats the problem...there is only a XFX and the other one in stock...but ishould definatly get a 9800gt for maxxed out gameplay right?oh and the warranty isnt important cuz my mom is a broker...her own company so if it gets busted i just get a new one...i love life XD
  15. I.ve benn reading the manuel and asked on servers but no one wants to tell me...When i create my own server I get so frustrated because i do not know how to do these 2:how to change my map while playing and how to kick players...they dont want to tell me because they like to **** up my server...can anyone tell me how to do those 2 because i know how to run my server but i dont know how to control my server...can anyone help me for the greater good? [Thread moved to correct forum - GR:AW 2 - Server Operators]
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