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  1. Thanks everyone. I got it all set now!! Now....to kill some tango's. See you all there!! And remember....game on with terminal intensity!!
  2. Hey killa, long time. I'm sorry, I didnt explain very clearly....... I d/l 1.3 and 1.4 a while ago. I have them saved to a folder separate from everything else. Currently, my GR is set for 1.3, but I have the 1.4 patch already. I just dont know where to put it to get it going. Thanks for the link, and I'll use it if all else fails. Thanks
  3. Hello all! I'm back for good after a brief stint out of state. Now......I had to reinstall GR, and I cant remember how or where the 1.4 patch goes. I already have the 1.3, and asking anyone in UBI is useless. Can someone help me out, I need to play a few heavy duty rounds to get back in form.....if I had one to begin with!! Thanks to all as always!!
  4. I just thought that the player was a happening dude, the kind that goes to DEF PARTY JAMS!!!!!! Don't mind me, I've been at the comp. a little too long today!! Game on, with terminal intensity!!!
  5. No offense, but better you than me! Maine Has a pack of 2+ feet in my area, and we wont see grass until April. I'm just glad this storm is passing south of me!!!!! Good luck!!!
  6. I've done pleanty of fishing, and the only "camo" I've used, is the cover of a beer bottle!!
  7. Grewsome is a nickname that kids used to call me when I was little, cause I did wild, unspeakable things to my poor neighbors. ( I still admit nothing, know nothing, and no one can prove a thing!!!!!) Gunner is from my father and grandfather, who started me shooting (against moms and grandmoms wishes) at the tender age of 6. My first shot was from a bolt action .223 and I got a black eye from the recoil by the scope. Granddad said it was a good sign....? Later, in the Coast Guard, I was the only one in my unit to qualify with small arms, and the M60 the first time. Again, the name Gunner came up, and has stuck ever since. Hell, my wife even calls me Gunner. Game on, with terminal intensity!!!
  8. I think a training range to test weapons would be a great idea. It does take too long to see them all in the way it is now. Another thing would be making your own kits, within reason. Choosing your primary and secondary separately would make for some interesting combos. Maybe a primary catagory, and a CQB category. Grenades, Claymores, and the like should be a third category, depending on the soldier class. A save feature for custom kits would be ideal. A sniper with his primary, a M60 back up, and 4 claymores is an example of too much... But, a sniper, with his primary, a MP-5 SD, and a couple claymores could do some damage.... Just my opinion... Game on, with terminal intensity!!!!
  9. I think tonight, 14 Feb 03, before 0000 EST.
  10. I hope you get this in time. It's been fun playing with you, and I wish you all the best. Take care, and my condolances for your uncle.
  11. If you think about it, is that attire really good desert camouflage?
  12. When I play Single player, There are times I'd like to instantly switch to a specific soldier, not the squad he's in. Is there a way to modify key settings for each individual soldier, so I could quick select him? As always, thanks for any replies!! Game on, with terminal intensity!!
  13. Could you imagine if Gen. Patton was alive to hear that one!!
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