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  1. Well I tried V1_1 just now and crashed after about 30 minutes of play. I was by my self in the map. Is it my PC or what? I just don't know.
  2. Yes we knew that could happen but it's no fun to have 18 guys going to the same spot. So I guess that"s the way it's going to br for our situation. It's still one of the best map I have ever seen.
  3. We just finished John. There was 18 of us and we had about 7 of us crash a time or two. I didn't crash so I don't know why they did. The only problem we had was lag. There was too many of us to all go in one direction, so we useally split up. Sure are a lot of surprises and neet sound effects., Can anything be done about the lag?
  4. Well 3 of us played it all the way through on my server tonight and it didn't crash. Wow, that's a GOOD HARD map. I saw some ai that didn't see me come into the room where they were. I don't know if that's the way you wanted it or not. They were in the multi level buiding with the little rooms. It's not a deal with me because they're easy to kill. lol We will be having a lot more guys in it tomorrow night and check it out. Thanks for such a a challenging map and for what you do for this game .
  5. Hey John, yes it's me again. I like this map but every time I run it in my owen server I crash about 30 minutes or so in to it. I thought it was due to a big explosion the first couple of times but last night it crashed as I was walking. One other thing is that I spaund in the middle of the roof at the first spaun point once last night. We should have it ready on our TAW server tonight and will check it out with that type of server. John, this one is so hard but that's the way we like it. A few of us have tried it in the last couple of days but because of the crashing we have not been able to get to the first objective. But we will give it a go on Tuesday night at our practice time.
  6. Because my cod says: if player from team A (you or any one from ghost team) is in location 1 -> hide all graphics objects in location where is trigger 3 (there, where Erika was standing) Function HideWorld can hide some graphics objects, not all of them, that why she seen only buildings, and she couldn't see trees, cars, tanks etc.... Now i removed it and split triggers fore smaller ones, and this was the easiest part.... Oh and one more thing, probably on dedicated server function HideWorld doesn't work well, i'm not sure. Hey would you send me the password, either Pm or email sheekd@bellsouth.net thanks
  7. Well John we just got through with it. The fps didn't change. We had from 16 to 38 and it fluxuwaited through out. We got through it just fine. The guys did say that the ai was slow to start walking around and be agressive, Didn't see any missing textures and the flickering is still there but it's so little I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't looking for it. Perhaps the different fps from us is due to different PCs.
  8. Hey John, when you reduce that amount of textures, does that mean it won't look as good (real) as it does now?
  9. Hey John the TAW guys played the 1.1 version tonight. Only 3 of 5 of us could see fps. Myself & RedDog was seeing about 23 to 28 although he started out with 16. The other was running 29 - 32. Another had lag at the beginning then later OK.As far as flickering texture at the first mountainside passed beginning spawn none saw it but me. So I'll just ignore it. Other than low fps now & then it looks good.
  10. Hey John, the snow is gone now in V1.1 on our coop server. But I do see the flickering in the mountainside textures (like kaapo said). I only see it when I am moving or reloading. Fine if I'm still. If it's an easy fix, please do. But it won't keep me from playing the map if you can't. I tried to get a screen shot but it doesn't show what I see.
  11. Ok here is what I see in V1 on our server. Don't know yet about V1_1 I wonder what causes it? GOOSE
  12. Well guess what John. The server was being used at the time I was going to go in and take some screen shots. So, I opened up my own server with the V1 & V1.1 and the texture is fine now . So, it looks like it was something between me & the COOP server. I'll try again later to take some S/C just to show you.
  13. Hey John, glad to see a new map from you. Question; is there supose to be shinny icey like spots on the sides of the mountain and other places? Tonight I was the onlyone that saw it but the first night we played it others saw it. Just wondering if it's suppose to be there as ice or just texture. I like your map a lot just hope you add tanks or armared cars and more ai.
  14. Well guess I haven't said much lately but I do want to respond to this. I thought from the begining this was a well done map. What ever changes you did since then made it even more ready for release. I don't understand why you have to do all those things before you can release it but to me it's good to go. My group is growing. Last night we had 10 and I look to have up to 13 at times. So a map like this will be very good for us. Thanks for all the work you do for us.
  15. Gosh John you're getting so good at this that you are not going to need us to test anymore. But we'll be glad to test your maps anytime you want us to. Like Bob said it's intense. Great designed new map, I like it. What else can I say except keep up the good work. TAW Goose
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