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  1. R.I.P. Our condolences to his family. This is very sad.
  2. Hi Daro, sorry for the late reply but after moving in a different town and own house there was more to do as expected. Also my server did not worked as it should so we played just with 2 PCs. At one PC Ghostrecon did always crashed after 2-3 hours so we had to wait to have enough free time to start over again. Now my dedi server is running again and we came to the Rosen rescue and after he was out of the container he ran into the next area but after a couple shots in that corridor he was hit by enemy and the server restarted from beginning. I know, the mission failed but to start over from beginning is a little bit hard So my question is if this is normal or did my server had an failure? Your map and mission is very very nice and we like it very much. Also you are absolutely right when you say it is a team mission. I hope this Sunday we get time to try it again With greetings and best wishes from me and Erika .....and best wishes to John and for his new hobby ......we miss you
  3. Hi Daro, we are back online after a long time and much work because of moving to a different down. Not all is up yet but we are not far away to get our computers and dedi servers back online. Can't wait to test your map Anyway, for the moment I just can say Happy New Year to all Ghosts here .
  4. Hi Bob, played v1.1 yesterday on dedi LAN server with 2 clients. All was good! I forgot already that this map is awesome.....at the beginning we stay at the hill and could not place C4 on Adat D but later after other objectives it worked. Later there was also more AI seen at this area. Could see spawn 2 vehicles at the main road but everything else looked fine. Good work. Kaapo
  5. Thanks for the info John, Pointman and Scout. Of course with 12 players and small map it's possible. I have read ~20 min. before testing and I told Erika, take you time, count the bullets and no die. After 15 min. she asked ( ) me if I have made an joke and I said, no, stop talking and go ahead . After another 10 minutes we realized it is not that easy as we thought. Yes, our way takes much longer because we like to miss no AI and we are always backing us up . Now, after reading this thread again and see your comments I need to say ok, next time I will use my glases to read Thanks again and greetings to all.
  6. Hi John, glad to see you back We did your mission today and everything was perfect. A very nice mission again and it took us 101 min. We have no idea how it can be done within 16? Have not seen any issue, no script and no graphik issue. FPS was high and we had no problems with the tank. The helicopter at the extract left a little bit to early...wished me 3 more minutes so I have enough time to destroy him even if it's not easy between the barracks. Some mines surprised us because some was dropped on doors, is this right? New buildings are very good. All in all a typical mission from John, perfect and good to go With greetings from Erika and Klaus (Kaapo)
  7. It's good to know that you will come back so yes, take your time John. We will wait
  8. Hi John, sorry to hear that. I guess if the hard drive is spinning with no ups and downs but the bios does not recognize it, then the electronic has been burned somehow. The only way I know is to replace the electronic using a second identical hard drive. I'm not sure if this will work with never ones as well because in the very past this was possible. Second way is a data rescue company but this is very expensive. I did that many years ago with a companies hard drive and they took just 150 German Mark to give you a guess about the percentage of possibility to recover some data. This was before we had the Euro. Hope that freezer thing will work but the chance is very low. I keep all fingers crossed that it will work.
  9. Hi John, could you please explain another old senile Ghost what the problem was with the extraction? We did not realized a problem. After the last main objective we had to go to the GATE (green marker) and this worked as well. Did I missed the green marker for the extraction point? If I try to remember I can see only the blue smoke and no green marker but I'm not sure anymore. If so, did we missed some more AIs as well? Then we need to jump in again and get them Hmmmm, asking Erika again she said she has seen the green extract marker and red smoke!?
  10. Hi John, today we had a chance to complete your best map ever with version 1.4 - hard mode on dedi LAN server! We had no problems at all. I have read this thread before and could not see any of the issues from prev. version. At least I hope I don't missed anything. The Bunker with 3 levels at v1.4 was absolutely great to play and a fantastic idea. There are so many things which we have never seen before. We was often very surprised. The control center looks amazing and the gates/doors are damn good work. The new sound bring some good atmosphere as well so we don't think there is a way to make it better What is may be interesting as well is the huge amount of code lines you had to use and that it run without any problems on my very small dedicated server! See our specs: Dedicated LAN-only server: 1.6Ghz Centrino M laptop /1GB mem on WinXP/ 40GB HDD Client 1: E6750@2920+HD4870/512 - 4GB on WinXP - 22" 1440x900 Client 2: E8400@3600+HD3780/512 - 4GB on WinXP - 20" 1280x800 Of course all three PCs are connected to local LAN without Web access and without AntiVirus or Firewall software because it's not needed. Just Erikas (Client1) crashed one time with the hold weapon in type message. There was nothing special at this moment and the crash is a normal freq. Graw2 crash. Our frame rates was very good (always >35 fps). This means a old 1.6Ghz computer is still good to use as dedi server Finally I remember one thing we both did nt like. The car bombs! &"$&"$/" Beside of that the we hate them, do you think it is realistic to have car bombs on military vehicles? Ohhh, and all of your new buildings are so great but I had to laugh when I saw your house with your fantastic wall paper at the way to the extracting point. I almost forgot them With greetings from Erika and Klaus, we love you great work
  11. Hi John, sorry for being so late.The mission/map is absolutely fantastic. All we can say is "wow" ! The new sound gives it different atmosphere., very good. All the buildings, doors, hangars and new procedures are perfect. You did a very very good work! Also it looks like you and the others have the mission already issue free with v1.2 Have not realized any issues which was reported before. We used Hard - dedicated LAN ONLY server with this equipment: Dedicated LAN-only server: 1.6Ghz Centrino M laptop /1GB mem / 16GB CF /XP Client 1: E6750@2920+HD4870/512+4GB - 22" 1440x900 / XP Client 2: E8400@3600+HD3780/512+4GB - 20" 1280x800 / Xp E6750 crashed just one time with a typical "access violation" message / 32-80fps avg=50fps E8400 crashed not 40-90fps avg.= 60fps Centrino server did not crashed as well Like I said, no issues at all. We had some problems to get into the data center because door was blocking but there are enough doors so we took a other one. Thank you for this perfect mission with all the new features in there. With greetings from Erika&Klaus @Kaapo P.s. the ford was very hard but very good. What a great installation!
  12. Hi John, just in case, this is the door I was talking about: http://digital.pytalhost.com/graw2keep/AirDoor.jpg (I will take a look at the door you mention but it could be due to the uneven ground)
  13. Hi John, we played V1.2 (this time easy mode) and completed just 2 objectives because we was short of time. Objective Dragon_Wagon and Prison. Both worked normal as it did with V1.0 version. At the prision, the AIs was also inside of the cells which was closed as well. I could not see any change to V1.0. There was no problem to complete both missions! I have seen one little graphic issue where a big door is not even with the ground. At the LZ, go down to the first street cross and get in to the big vehicle building on the left. Just go trought it and at the end there is a big closed metal door with a small door inside. You can use the small door hole to go trough but the metal door around it does not fit with the bottom. I forgot to save my screen print, sorry.
  14. Hi John, your hard work finished in a awesome map. Absolut fantastic If the beta test is completed you shoud write in the description: This is no walk in the park the good thing is that we finished the complete mission in about 5+ hours and had just 2 normal GRAW2 crashes. Each client had one but the server was still running. As alway we played hard mode with 2 older clients on our old dedi LAN server. Hardware has still not changed yet but the mission ran smooth with 30+ fps on mine and 60fps on Erikas (previously I installed Borderlands 2 on mine and changed some drivers but this made my system slower for Graw2). The bad thing is we used v1.0 but.......we had no problems at all. Not with the elevator, prison doors or anything else. The AI inside of the containers and cells surprised us very much but we thought it was a great idea. Our guess is if an Alarm comes up in that area, some of the AIs are hiding itself in the container or cells and closed them from inside for a better surprise. That#s because they new that some Ghost recons are outside and they need to use all there dirty tricks We was not able to shoot the leader terrorist because a chair blocked the entrance but a granate did that job. The music is great and we like it very much.....it sounds like ZZ Top :'> New buildings are great as ever and ohhh, Erika said that the elavators gray color is much better as putting the old ugly english style wall papers to it (may be there exist some who like the engl. wall papers but this is a medical story I guess). Ohhh, the sound of the elevator is perfect and of the door is is great. Now you can hear if a door opens behind you (which is also one of the great new things from you, we like it very much). Yes, all we can say is FANTASTIC I hope we get time to test the latest version as well at least to get to the prison to see if there are AIs. WELL DONE JOHN! With greetings from KAAPO - Erika and Klaus
  15. Hi John, just came back yesterday so we played your map today. It's awesome and what I want to tell that even with that much of code it#s runnig great on slower machines. I still have the same equipment and even did not installed the E8400 for my overclocked E4400 and have 30 fps and above. Great work John. We have realized that the beta phase has been concluded after we downloaded v1.1. So just one thing I like to say. The extract is the superb but 2 snipers are a little bit in the air. I mean both of them: Everything else was perfect, buildings, doors, map and AI placement. With greetings from Kaapo and of course from kaapo_Erika:
  16. Pefect work. Very good FPS also on slow system and no issues found. It's great to have the buildings with AI's behind the windows at the 2nd floor. All buildings are great. We had a great fight to get to the most important objective for Erika, the roof with the sun umbrella. Also the map is bigger as expected at beginning which means we had a couple hours much fun.. New door and gate is working great. Worked and looks very good. Phantastic work again Greetings from Erika and Klaus
  17. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the new doors :'>
  18. We have tried the new version as well.....hard mode/dedi....it# was awesome! We had no problems at all, also both helis dropped AIs and fly out. The new buildings are your best ones. How does it come that the very new buildings have normnal wall paint and no freaky wallpapers? One thing was a little bit bad......the rest place for Erika with the sun umbrella. The sun chairs was beside the explosive and if you put C4 on them you can not use the chairs anymore ..... but the rest place with the chairs are needed for brain storming purposes. ) Thanks for the gret map&mission! Kaapo_Klaus&Kaapo_Erika
  19. Hi John, you must be right because we did the same as Rahn did, completing the objectives in a circle starting on the right and finished at the transmitter. We have seen the extraction point and have seen one of the Helis in the Hill at the transmitter: The heli could not get out of it.. After completing the extract, the Heli came out of the hill but a little bit strange: Other then that it is a fantastic map and mission. Everything was fine and the fps was very well. I had a probölem with Erika because I used a granate for some AIs in one of the buldings. The result was a unusable place to rest, just the sun umbrella was still good to use ( Again, very good work John, we love it Ohhh, we used version 1.0 hard mode and just have seen that version 1.1 is ready to test as well. .....and by the way, the load screen says day / night but I could not see a switch for that!? With greetings from Klaus and Erika
  20. We accomplished the mission as well using dedicated server and 2 clients. No problems at all except we could not find the place to rest for Erika did you hide it? FPS was always a little bit low but still good to play. New buildings are amazing, special the embassy which is a piece of cake This time you placed some AIs behind 2nd floor windows which is very good. Have I see new buildings without UK wallpaper? If yes, it is the biggest effort Now some off-topic comments: We agree with Rahnman's comment about Johns wallpapers We feel a little bit sorry about Riley's living room. We feel sorry about the Mexicans if the furniture they took has the same taste as Riley`s wallpaper With best greetings
  21. Hi Daro and Rico, we spawned also many times in trees but I guess this is normal. Because you die more often in this map the chance is much higher to spawn on some amazing places. I had this as well with Johns and Bogies map. The crazy one I remember was the big bridge with 4 towers I where spawned a couple times between roof and last floor with no chance to get out of it. With greetings Kaapo_Erika&Kaapo_Klaus
  22. It's great to see you back here and you did it alone in 120 min ? Unbelievable.....congratulation......we need to try it again as well but I bet we never can do that with -50 death ...... but we will try it Thank you Daro for the very good work you did With Greetings from Erika and me
  23. ...hmmm, I never realized this. My favorite is also the 416 and my way is not that nice as well if a Heli comes in. I give some shots to the Heli so I die and can pick the M99 and after the Heli is down I grab my 416 back where I died last time.
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