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  1. Win7 Of the same reason because i already choosed XP and VISTA. Microsoft and its position is placed damn everywhere. What operating system can I choose if there is only one which makes it possible to play like on Microsoft PCs. With PC i can combine work, gaming, communication and hobby without buying 3 different consoles to play all games, a big TV and different specialized systems. MAC is also nice. Have to work with it a lot because iam mediadesigner.Sometimes a bit slow, but stable. LINUX: Tested it in 2003 ... but that was too complicated for me. Regards Ares
  2. Hi John. Just played v1_3 singleplayer and died a lot. So i can report that the autosave function does its work The mission itself runs perfect. Respect mate. I played: - Singleplayer + 3 AI - 3rd person mod Guess i should play that more often. Sometimes i forgot to reposition the AI Great mission! Regards Ares
  3. Hey, i already did some ... Nah really. I would like to see a movie of Ghost Recon.
  4. Hi. When i play coop with others like BIGTREE, then we play COOP. Quiete and tactical. Quarry was a quick runtrough that was more like memory than GRAW2. No really mate. The most spawns are perfectly timed, but some are just a bit to close. But maybe i pushed and hold the positions a bit too fast. But that was "normal" playing. Will handle it in v1.1 Regards Ares
  5. Hi ! We played that last night on our Dedicated Server. 2 Players, Hard, Large Map We had no problems. No AI shooting through walls or someting. All works fine. The AI sniper positions are very mean. Moreover it happens often, that the AI spawned directly around us. *plop* here we are... For me thats a heavy downer on the whole mission. From 60 % of the map I just played to get it done. Mean but nice mission. Regards Ares
  6. What you discribe seems to be some mean cheating. As rocky already mentioned: BE CAREFUL WITH ACCUSATIONS! GRAW2 is a wierd game. I often survived situations where i had to be dead already. But i was still alive without any bars of health left. Independet from your movement the first shot out of a move i.e. sliding, will hit where the crosshair (the coloured dot) is shown. Graw2 Player vs. Player Multiplayer is full of cheaters. Some of them are faster than "Speedy Gonzales", some are eating bullits like donuts and some freaks make use of a M99 that is spitting bullits like a MK46 ... thats why i left the PvsP Multiplayer and switched to coop. Personal experience with cheating: Since i cheated in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, to grind with unlimmited balance, 11 years ago i never tried again. That ruined the whole gameplay and i spend the money into the game for nothing. Regards Ares
  7. I just read a comment by bogie on mexbob nitro "copy". Maybe he is coming back ?!? Regards Ares
  8. Hi John! BIGTREE and me just enjoyed Alianza. That was a great tactical gameplay with some great action momentens. We had no crashes! No disconnects! Better than the original campaign There were just 2 little "problems". 1: In the end it says "Extract" 77m behind the "smoke to extract/tank". We searched for a way to extract because the tank blocked the street and the "Extract" target was behind it. Then we saw a bit grey smoke left side in front of the tank. Was a bit confusing. Nothing big. 2: As Bigtree died i became the teamleader and tried to order the AI around. But just the option "follow" (sry german version) , when they form up near me, did work. All other orders didnt work. I wasnt able to give them waypoints in the tactical map. Or o i mix it up with GRAW1? I remember that it is possible to do some waypoints the AI will run after pressing "apply". I personally like the tactical gameplay of campaign in GRAW2. Tagging targets and do a mission 4 Ghosts vs. +100 enemies. Didnt play campaign often. Its sad that there is no way for dedicated servers. Because of the annoying disconnects and crashes of the most original online campaign missions I quitted it. This mission is just great. It runs perfect. The AI spawns are perfectly timed and also placed very great. Nice challange! Awesome mission mate. Thanks a lot! Regards Ares
  9. You saved my weekend. So this campaign bundle contains all missions in the end? Should we test playing mission1 first and then auto switch to mission2? Regards Ares
  10. Hmmm. wierd. I just tested it. Started game and did extreme. Restart so the change works. Result: <has_physx value="true" /> <physics value="2" /> Started game and did normal. Restart so the change works. <has_physx value="true" /> <physics value="0" /> Why is this different to yours? Mine is still on true!!! Would be great if you could change the physx values in game and double check that in the .xml. Now i want to know what the fakk is going on in there?!? I know that the filepath can be different (I ve Win7 64 bit too), but it shows where to search in the gamefolder after finding it. Maybe it helps, if not than the only thing i did was wasting my time... Whatever. Hope he gets it running like he wants it. Have to go to bed because i need to get up in 6 hrs Good night Ares
  11. Hi again. This is the first time i spoke english in a tutorial. I hope you can understand it. As you know iam from Germany and my english suxx. Tell me if it works for you! Regards Ares
  12. You should enable the GPU for PhysX calculation. 1: It seems to be that Nvidia keeps the performance very low if you choose the CPU. Marketing? (Source is a german test by the trusted "Toms Hardware") 2: If you compare the power of your CPU E8400 and GPU 8800 GTX its like the balls of a chihuahua vs the balls of a horse 3: Your CPU will be maxed out before your GPU. Example use a Pentium 4 with i.e. GTX 480 doesnt make sence, because the old and slow CPU avoids the GPU to deploy its power. ( I spend 1200€ into upgrades before i realised that. ***) *** 12923 Points in benchmark with: - E6600 @2,4 Ghz + 8800 GTX 13383 Points in benchmark with: - E6600 @2,4 Ghz + GTX 280 16311 Points in benchmark with: - Q6600 @2,4 Ghz + GTX 280 18571 Points in benchmark with: - Q6600 @3,2 Ghz + GTX 280 These are the reasons why i never would calculate PhysX by the CPU. Moreover a clanfirend, named Golden_Dragon, kicked the Q6600 watercooled up to 4,8 GHZ. There he stopped because of the temperatures. The GPU (xfx gtx280) was still scaling with CPU !!! Whatever i or somebody else says, just test it for yourself! Dont be afraid! You cant burn your system with this settings. Enable FRAPS and watch whats better for you. CPU or GPU. Iam still @ google to figure out if the PhysX option is responsible just for the "old" Ageia PhysX engine and games or for all physx engines od every game. Dont find anything about this. maybe iam searching the wrong way. Regards Ares
  13. What? Thats ... try with "save as" instead of "save" and make sure that the ending is still "settings.xml". Maybe its up to the OS ... is it an original one? I knew some ppl. with a copy of WIN7. The profile data of those guys are in the Operating-System-Account. In this case search for the folder C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local or C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming * You need to "show hidden folders" to see and get access to the "AppData" folder. My english is too bad to discribe that way. Do you have Win Vista or Win 7 ?!? If you´ ve, please deactivate the user control in your os account manager. BTW : If you become desperate because of low FPS, dont buy a new graphics card. 8800GTX stops scaling with ~4x3.0 Ghz. Your CPU E8400 isnt that strong. My old system was similar to yours, E6600 @ 2,6 Ghz. I had the same problems, when NVIDIA released the included PhysX. I did a fag move and buyed a GTX280 but didnt gain more FPS. I just had the same. So i did a new system with 4x3.2 Ghz and i was able to play all on max settings in GRAW2. Even with the 8800GTX. Before i sold the card i tested it and the 8800GTX also did a great job. I could play all on max in GRAW2 with that nice graphic card. Regards Ares
  14. Hi! Yes, put the ingame-setting to normal means the level "0" What i learnd is "0 = off" To be sure that PhysX is disabled, you just can edit the settings.xml. Just start the game with "normal" You will find that file in the filepath i posted you. You dont have to alterate any folder. Just two values of the content in the settings.xml. If the folder isnt there, you should look in the user directory of your operating system. Went to your Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 folder (Where you installed the game) and search for: -> Settings (folder) *open* -> Profiles (folder) *open* -> graw2_yourname (folder) *open* yourname = the profile name you read in the menu after starting the game. Its possible that its called "default", if you didnt choose a own name in the game. -> settings.xml (open this with the editor) Search for the lines <has_physx value="true" /> <physics value="2" /> edit the with the editor to (right mouse click on "settings.xml" and choose "run / open with" and then choose "Editor") <has_physx value="false" /> <physics value="0" /> Save the "settings.xml" and the work is done. If this dosnt help, PM me. I can do a short movie of that. Regards Ares
  15. What a stunning mission. I like the placement of the AI and the new map design. Did you do thhis mapdesign by yourself? One year ago you said you arent able to do new maps. We played the mission with Brettzies 3.02 on a gameserver, not dedicated. We had few crashes. The errors occured while picking up a weapon, so i think the crashes are up to the Weapon-mod. Thought we test it with mod, because the common way were tested successfully. KICK ASS MISSION !!! Thanks a lot! Regards *OutlawZ Ares
  16. Hi mate. One year ago NVIDIA buyed AGEIA and optimzed their PhysX. Then NVIDIA included PhysiX into the driver. Since then big cards were able to run the game including PhysX. Depending on your graphic-card you can choose the value of the PhysX level. Moreover you can choose in your Nvidia-Settings if the PhysX should be calculated by the CPU or GPU. I dont know your system, so try that out. 8800GTX is a great card. Old, but great. Do a right mouseclick on your desktop to open the context menu and choose NVIDIA Management. (iam german and dont know how its called in engl.) Search for the option that is called PhysX and choose what processing unit shall calculate the PhysX: GPU = Grapic Processing Unit CPU = Central Processing Unit What you want. In the end you can also alterate the physx option via the settings.xml in your profile. i.e. my filepath on Win7 (64BIT) User Control disabled C:\Program Files (x86)\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\profiles\graw2_YOURNAME\settings.xml Search for the lines <has_physx value="true" /> <physics value="2" /> Alterate that to <has_physx value="false" /> <physics value="0" /> INFO: <physics value="0" /> 0= Normal 1= High 2= Extreme I hope this helps. Regards Ares
  17. Hi. Thanks, "Watch this topic" ... so obvious ... {OZ*EDIT} Nice website.
  18. Hi. Sorry. Heard about this map a bit late. We will play this mission tonight. Is here a function that mails me if a new thread / new map is ready 4 beta? Regards Ares
  19. Oh, ok. Thanks man. So its time to say goodbye to Bogie ... Thx 4 all Bogie. Regards Ares
  20. Hi mates. Didnt see Bogie for a long while. Does somebody know about his whereabout? Regards Ares
  21. Agree. We set "<max_deaths value="1"/>" months ago and played it with 3 ppl. We already played snakepit_dam_v7 with that setting. But indeed with more than 3 ppl. 1 will die minimum. But i cant imagine to play a map from John in campaign without the "integrated" respawn that happens when the ghost leader evaded the fire of the AI. Fakk it. Will try this campaign. Regards Ares
  22. Hi folks! Its a personale question, isnt it? I like playing coop with my friends. Sometimes we are 2 sometimes we are 10. Because of the limited amount of possible players in campaign, we played that campaign stuff just two times. The reasons because I dont play campaign anymore: - no dedicated server possible - mean laggs if the hosts PC/ Connection is bad - player cant rejoin after crash/ disconnect - restart after every mission if somebodys game crashes to make a rejoin possible - Weapon Mods causing problems often - max players 4 + Storyline (missions basing on each other) + Tagging System (Should be available in COOP) + Drone available. (Cant imagine how great this would look on "coop harry lee 2056" Maybe it sounds weak, but for me these points are important to a good game. Evrybody to its own! I love and respect the work of the modders of this game. Its unbelievable what they get out of this creapy game. Seriosly, GRAW2 SP is one of the worst games i ve ever played after "Call of Cthulhu." GRAW2 is just great because of its modding scene. If i had your skill John, i would focus on coop maps. Regards Ares
  23. No problem mate. I totally agree. When i play stock maps now, i feel like iam 5 years old again playing "Memory" with my grandpa. We can just be happy to have guys like JohnTC02 and the disappeared Bogie who entertain us often with new stuff. Quarry is a small map that provides 3 tanks in a row, with a different angle to handle them with C4. For me this map was the best choice to show my tactics on tanks. I would never run into a modded mission like i did in this video. That would be like suicide. Great that you mention it! Regards Ares
  24. More or less i mean that. Just watch the vid and check how a tank acts/ reacts. If the MG spotted you, you have to get rid of it or escape in a line where it cant hit you. All in all its quite easy... its just the timing. Thanks for watching! Regards Ares
  25. Hey folks! In the last two months i were asked often, how i destroy tanks so fast and without deaths. So i decided to record the whole map of "coop_quarry" in less than 10 minutes. Of course its possible to destroy tanks with a RPG, but that implies a bad secondary weapon and just 3 rockets. Moreover RPGs are not available on every map, i.e. coop_retrieve. Destroy tanks with C4 needs some tactics. These are mine: - Study the tank´s route and prepare yourself in a smart position - Clear the area of enemys first - Approach in a line that the tank cant kill you - Stay outside the range of the tank´s weapons - Plant C4 (press "x") - Check the MG of the tank - If you are spotted and cant escape, follow the tank - Use the tank as cover and search for a hideout (Behind buildings and stuff) - Press "X" again to blow the tank. I hope this video helps you. Regards OZ*Ares[Pra]
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