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  1. There seems to be problem with the extra plane mod, When I reached level 28 while using this mod nothing was unlocked for some reason. Could be an error on my behalf. I'll do some more testing. EDIT::: Well i started a new game and got past level 1 and I unlocked the Mig-25 while using your mod. So everything seems to be in order.
  2. Seriously why did Ubi leave them out? Really what a waste. I hope they at least patch the DLC planes in in their next update.
  3. BBurn, how do we find what number goes after the entry in the unknown3.txt? depending on the length of the entry there needs to be number after after it, how do we find it?
  4. So what exactly is causing the DLC planes to be hidden? Are they disabled in the entities file? Does the HAWX.exe have some coding in it which causes these planes to be disabled?
  5. So you just guessed the script? I just want to be sure, how did you learn these scripts? I don't think I understood
  6. ok i tried your mod. what scripts did u use to enable the extra planes? which file did you place them in? i saw an entry in the mainmenu.lua file. how did you figure them out. your like way ahead of me. lol
  7. So basically you're creating simple to use template for those who want an extra skin on their fighter?
  8. The skin is FA-18C_Hornet_P02.dds Its in data2>textures>geoms So you're just adding second skin entry for every fighter in the game in the entities file? Make sure you are using the same naming patterns thats the fighter's with skins use. Ex: if you are adding another entry to the harv make sure its like this" dem_F-18_HARV_skin2_player
  9. I'm trying to add the usused FA18C skin to the YF-17 Cobra (It was originally meant for the Yf-17). I don't know how to add an entry to the entities.mdl file.
  10. What hex editor are you using?
  11. I just need to be 100% sure, here. Are you certain that the stock INI files are unmodified?
  12. Should have a Mod out for this later on, I have all the planes listed now, just got to get rid of the lock on them #Update; will be able to filter out the DLC/VIP planes to sort out the locking etc What files did you edit in order to get this? Also did use a hex editor to edit the entities files or did u recompile it?
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