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  1. Well I just cleared Stone Bell & I never turned on the threat indicator. I might of saved & reloaded a 1,000 times though! So far of the 3 missions I've played that was def the one I liked least!
  2. I guess I've been warned! I just really don't like the TI. I don't like when it alerts me to something I can't see, kind of unrealistic.
  3. I should add that even though I'm new I've turned off the threat indicator!
  4. Thanks Guys. I had not seen that little shack so I cleared it out before going into the cave & that worked! The best part was I then expected a nice casual jog back to the pick up point. I had no idea that there would be so many news guys strolling around. I had one team pinned behind a rock getting killed every time they came around it but I was unable to see the bad guys. Eventually I had to sneak my sniper around to the other side to finally find the 2 guys and finish them off. That was pure gaming gold! Can't wait to play level 2!
  5. Question... I haven't had time to play this much since I've got it but I've finally cleared out the camp in the 1st level (lost 1 guy) and I am ready to clear out the cave. I'm able to clear out the cave but then I get my butt kicked by a bunch of guys who are right outside the cave all of a sudden. Are these guys hiding somewhere that I can take them out before going into the cave or do they just spawn once you complete the objective in the cave? Thanks!
  6. Hmmm, I wonder how GR would run from a USB thumb drive? Probably pretty slow, but if not, hmmm could make for some interesting fun during lunchtime at work.
  7. It's pretty funny looking over these forums and seeing posts from 3 - 4 years ago where some newbie posts and people respond: "I can't believe new people are still finding this game!" Because here it is 2009 and some newbie is posting about just getting GR. When it first came out my PC was nowhere near good enough to run GR, now I am playing it on my 6 year old PC (how time flies)! Picked up GR Gold for $4.99 off of Amazon (used)! So far I am loving it! I'm still trying to make it through the first mission. I just got wiped out preparing what I thought was going to be the perfect attack on the camp. Bravo sneaks up pretty close and I see a bunch of guys all huddled around the middle of the camp. I get up nice and close and they don't notice me. Switch over to Alpha to move them up close on the other side of the camp, as they start moving I hear gun fire break out like crazy. Switch back over to Bravo just in time to join the fight.. things are looking bleak. Quickly switch over the Alpha to rush in... I see dead bads guys everywhere... umm except for one who takes out all of Alpha. I loved how 15 minutes of slow pace & sniper shots quickly turned into 2 minutes of chaos !
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