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  1. I with problem --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brettzies Wep Pack is run
  2. Does anyone know where to get these skins? Unavailable on filefront.
  3. In the ghost_head_mitchell_common.xml, set all the hidden="true" to false. You also have to edit the ghost_templates.xml. The information is in this thread I believe. <lod_object name="new_helmet"> <object name="gfx_new_helmet_loda" hidden="true" inherit_bounding_volume="cull_box" max_distance="1000" max_draw_lod="0"/> <object name="gfx_new_helmet_lodb" hidden="true" inherit_bounding_volume="cull_box" max_distance="1500" lod="1"/> <object name="gfx_new_helmet_lodc" hidden="true" inherit_bounding_volume="cull_box" max_distance="2000" lod="2"/> <object name="gfx_new_helmet_lodd" hidden="true" inherit_bounding_volume="cull_box" max_distance="15000" lod="3"/> </lod_object> <lod_object name="monocle"> <object name="gfx_crosscom_glass" hidden="true" max_distance="2000" /> </lod_object> </graphic_group> Hey Brettzies help file dowmload I don't know This about
  4. I wait for BP_weapon v3.0 Help me Beasley clipping head
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