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  1. Time is not other ( It's friday night here in Germany!
  2. Whats happened with Mission4? Where is the download Link? IceT
  3. OK, Mission 02 is completed. imho very easy.
  4. To the Mods: Please remove Prefix Player1 and Prefix Player2 The name starts with *LG* Thx Thx... we have already played and recorded the mission. Germany 95points
  5. Hello from Germany! Team Langang *LG* Rambo *LG*Firefox
  6. Not so fast I write a php based solution to modify game-server.xml, manage the bundle Files in custom level folder and start/stop Restart Server via via website. Currently I use this to manage our GRAW1 Server for LAN-Parties. I will modify the files for our next LAN-Party, so that we can also manage GRAW 2. Then I can give it to public Sorry for my bad english! twi-virtual
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