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  1. For those who are looking for a GRAW 2 clan to join, The U.N.S.C Longswords are looking for people who have a good personality, has patients, and can follow orders. We are a militarily structured clan, heavily based of the united stated marine core. Most of the time we play co-op elimination matches to train new recruits on our clan's command structure. Our Leader is Fellowdoomer and our Second In Command is Abledog. My name on XBL is radar005, I am the Clans Communications officer and Recruitment officer. I am a Command Master Sergeant and I work with the new recruits. Please contact me on Xbox live with a voice/text message (Please begin message with U.N.S.C Longswords Application,if it is a voice message, please put text inside the message that say U.N.S.C Longswords Application along with the voice message.) For more information, please visit the site link below. http://unsclongswords.synthasite.com/
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